Anticipating the New Semester

Seriously, I should say I’m scared. I have not get my brain to ‘exercise’ for more than three months (no thanks to the holidays) and now I don’t know how to get the gear moving again. Class would resume this early March, and am I ready? Not a little bit ready.

Ah, so scared.. These are the compulsory subjects for this year:

Semester 1
Educational Pychology (BEDTL EDUC 223)
Pedagogy – Beyond Skills & Methods (BEDTL EDUC 283)
(Need to find two more subjects as electives)

Semester 2
Curriculum, Assessment & Evaluation (BEDTL EDUC 225)
Introduction to English Language Teaching (BEDTL LANGTCHG 300)
Applied English Grammar (BEDTL LINGUIST 203)

Can’t wait for the 2nd semester – I LOVE GRAMMAR!!! Eh, wait, but I don’t like ELT… Anyhow, I’m just so relieved that all courses will be held on City Campus. Yay, no need to go to Epsom Campus, which means no walking for approx. 5km or wasting money on bus tickets. And since we’re living in Wellesley Student Apartments (on 8 – 10 Mount Street), we’re just a short walk away from the Queen Street. (Yay to shopping and window shopping!) Auckland Domain isn’t far too… So, do I still wanna move to Unilodge next sem? If their rent is cheaper, I might consider 🙂

After settling down and adjusting to the new semester?

Look for a job, of course~