Fighting Calcedney, Byrocks & Peridot

Do not fight Calcedney, Peridot and Byrocks if you can’t use hi-ougis. Well, you can still win easily in simple and normal mode, but if you’re playing hard mode… It’s very very advisable for you to use hi-ougis. Shing, Kunzite, Innes and Kohak’s hi-ougis are cool, but if you like to listen to Hisui’s dirty mouth, go for him XD I love it when he babbles all that, it’s funny!

Levelling up in Santex (or however you may romanise it’s name) is a lot of fun! More than 600exps every encounter. Yum.

Tales of Hearts. I wub you :3

[Tales of Hearts] – Sandworm and Happiness Spirune

I totally LOLed after finding the Spirune in the violent Sandworm’s body. Kohak was like “No way! My Spirune –” And here I thought Spirune affects human only. This Spirune is the green one, and Kohak starts sobbing once Shing returned it to her.

Beryl: Uh, uh… Is it ‘Sadness’? But we’ve already retrieved her ‘Sadness’ Spirune, haven’t we?

That’s what I thought at first too. It’s actually the Spirune of ‘Happiness’. Kohak was crying because she was glad everybody was alive, and that they could see each other again.

Shing: So that’s how it is. Kohak’s feeling of ‘happiness’ is finally back…
Hisui: (punch) Idiot! Don’t you start crying now!
Shing: (nervous laugh) Well, aren’t you teary eyed too, Hisui?

After the cutscene, they walked only a little bit to the north to reach another spot.

Beryl: Oooooohhh!!! OASIS! I’ve been wanting to see you!

The playful banter is back. Beryl teased Hisui about crying like a kid, and Hisui pointed out how Beryl cried just as much. I love how robotic, emotionless Kunzite is scared of Innes :3

p.s/ This whole talk of Lithia being an existence that exists only in Kohak’s Spiria is reminding me greatly of Luke, Asch and Lorelei.

[Tales of Hearts] – Chasing Byrocks and Calcedney

Current Location: Shehera Desert
Destination: Bransel
Next Spirune: Dream (Yellow)

I’ve been wasting time walking in circles at the sewer under the castle, right after Marin lost consciousness and Byrocks knocked Calcedney unconscious to escape the royal guards. Geez, Marin, wake the hell up already. It’s interesting though, that Calcedney could be affected by Kohak’s ‘Rage’ and ‘Dream’ Spirune at once. His heart is either that weak, or it’s owner is too smug. Doesn’t surprise me why Hiroshi Kamiya as his seiyuu rocks. He’s just like Gundam 00’s Tieria, too confident. When things come crashing down, they break.

It’s easy to get past the sewer. Use the Sorcerer Ring on the floating water clog thingie. Once we’ve escaped the sewer, Shing explained to Kohak why he was hesitant in returning her Spirune of Rage/Anger (whatever. What’s the proper English for Ikari?). Shing still blamed himself for the Despir Disease and Kohak’s runaway Spirunes. Kunzite, hearing this, attacked Shing on the spot. Urgh, Soma Knight sounds so lame, Kunzite. It was an easy battle, of course. Though I’ve levelled everyone up to level 38, villain!Kunzite was at level 24 (wow, look at the time I wasted levelling up!).

Turned out the runaway Spirunes thingie wasn’t Shing’s fault. It was Kohak and Lithia’s all along. Hisui is getting tired of hearing about Lithia, because no one but Kohak had ever seen her. Shing saw her once in Kohak’s Spirmaze, so he knew that she exists.

Kunzite listened to reason, and now he’s back in the party. Time to chase after Calcedney and Byrocks to retrieve Kohak’s Spirune of Dream. Byrocks has been acting too gay, what’s with his ‘Cal-sama! Your sadness is my sadness! I shall give my life to blablablabla…’. Dramatic subordinate is dramatic.

Byrocks ran all the way north to Bransel, and we’ll have to go through Shehera Desert. Beryl is currently convinced we have 99% chance of dying in action. Kunzite just makes it worse. According to his calculation, the chance would be 99.9%. What are you now, Tenipuri’s Inui??

Okay, I’ll go through the desert now. New monsters, get into my monster inventory! I guess I’ll go waste some more time levelling up to level 50 (if have the patience) or 45 (if I’m too impatient).