Designing Frenzy

The title itself is self explanatory. I went on a designing frenzy for two days, which resulted in me forgetting to update all of my blogs when I really should. I’m trying to get my online store project up as soon as I can. It’s not much, actually. Just a small store offering print-on-demand and high quality silkscreen-printed t-shirts, custom-design service, mugs, caps and other small stuff. There are many similar store like these, but almost 95% of them are US-based or international-based. I thought it would be more convenient to set up a Malaysian-based store for us Malaysians. I hope to be able to launch the shop before the term starts.

Which reminds me… I have to add extra $2 to my monthly hosting bill for a dedicated IP. Else, I won’t be able to properly install my SSL certificate. The Visa credit/debit card payment gateway via Siteheart is settled and the payment gateway is secure (encrypted, 128 bit). I just thought it would be nicer for the whole store to run in secure https mode. Go me! Work harder!

I made a few t-shirt designs yesterday, and my personal favourite is this:

Malaysian Blogger Shirt (W) Malaysian Blogger Shirt (B)

Wait, I love these too…

Say What Shirt (B) Blogging is Love

Click on those pictures to get a better view of them. I really want to get them printed and wear them around!

I also played around a bit with Stylish Geeks. You can go play around with the ‘Skin Me!‘ module. I added a new theme to the site to those who are fond of cheerful colours.

SG - Technicolor

Okay. I think I better go and work on my store project… And finish uploading Junjou Romantica scans to Uploaded Volume 5 – 9. I need to upload Volume 1 – 4.

ASB, T-Shirt, Shopping and Money

I came back at 11 something last night and was too tired to write down the events that entrailed. So yesterday, I when to check out my ASB. I was glad that I got around RM700 of profits out of the whole sum, meaning I had a little over RM700 extra to spend on what I’ll be buying before flying off to New Zealand next month. It’s sad that my long break is finally coming to an end, but at the same time, I’m glad that I’m now a second-year student. Getting through the first year was tough; I hope I’ll do a lot better this year. I withdrew a small amount of RM1,500 from my account to buy some stuff.

Back to the topic at hand..

After going to the bank, I picked up a few blank shirts I I ordered for t-shirt printing purpose. I hoped to settle the order of 20 t-shirts and 15 mugs before next week. Once I’m done, I may be able to get a clean profit of around RM10 per shirt and RM8 per mug. That’s already a lot to me. Sounded a lot for 20 t-shirts, but  those include design charges for 3 different designs. While designing is fairly easy, completing a satisfactory design is definitely not. Especially if your customer is very fussy 😛

And then I went shopping (again)! Initially, I wanted to find a new luggage but later decided to buy one in KL instead. Spent Rm135 on a set of affordable women suit (suit, shirt and long skirt), RM112 on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, RM20 on two cheap black tank-tops and RM105 on lingeries.That made a total of RM372, so I still haveRM1128 left.  I think I’ll go buy some sports wear with them. And the luggage. And maybe, a new mp3 player. Mp4 makes no impression on me because I don’t like to watch videos or anything on small displays (as I blatantly expressed in one past blog post). So now, the important stuff left to buy are:

  1.  Sony Vaio CR 23/GN: RM4,488
  2. Motorola V9: +- RM1,500
  3. Sony DSC-T20-B (RM1,199) or the DSC-H3/B (RM1,399)

Aaah! Lots of money! Feel so sad to watch them flow away from me :((