In Which I’m Feeling Geeky, Giddy and Fangirly


Web Diary Professional with PaintBBS & Shi-Painter/Shi-Painter Pro integration
私の新しいシンプルなP-MEMOです:) これからもっとお絵かきをする! (LINK)

I wonder if there are English versions of their softwares, because all of them are really cool~ It’s a bit sad that you need to understand Japanese in order to fully utilise their scripts. I spent one day getting Web Clap and Web Diary Pro to work (because I desperately want to use the integrated PaintBBS, Shi-Painter and Shi-Painter Pro that WordPress and Wacintaki Poteto have been depriving me of). After hours of getting either ‘500 Internal Server Error’ or ‘403 Forbidden’ and a few more hours of tweaking the skin files, I now have a fully working Oekaki Log (or P-Memo, which sounds cuter). I’m so happy, because now my oekaki belongs to only me instead of a whole community. The fact that it’s actually a blog is a big plus.

I was deciding between Nicky!, Web Memory and Web Diary Pro for a few days before settling on the last of the three. Nicky! is pretty decent, but not as flexible as WDP. If you’re thinking of installing your own oekaki blog, I recommend WDP to the extreme (LOL). Here’s some extra bits of information to those who aren’t familiar with web claps and the likes:

  • Web Clap: It’s widely installed on Japanese sites, including blogs (like those hosted by FC2). Webclap is simply a script that let visitors ‘applaud’ your website content. They can also leave comments if they want to. It’s like the karma system, only web clap means giving good karma. I wonder if they have something like Web Boo! for the opposite effect. Hahaha.
  • Oekaki: The downside to being familiar with oekaki is not knowing how to exlain what it is, like what I’m feeling. Just think of it as drawing using Java appletsand then publishing the piece of art as a blog entry (or in a more popular case, pictures on bulletin boards). See, I suck at explaning what oekaki is, so feel free to Google it up if you need more info. PaintBBS, Shi-Painter and Shi-Painter Pro (the last is my favourite) are three most famous applets ever created for this purpose. Why the heck isn’t it integrated with WordPress yet?! EDIT: Finally found the most useful Oekaki plugin! Details in this post 😀


adlina-avatarAs I was working on the scripts, I drew myself a brand new avatar. I think is decent. I don’t know. It might be one of the most decent avatars I’ve ever made for myself.

Notice that all of them are in the same colour scheme. This is because I’ve designed for them to be integrated into my fanwork gallery, Toffeepops. Yup, that’s my finalised circle name. The last was discarded, and I registered under Toffeepops instead. It’s cute anyway. Toffeepops is multi-hosted, but the main gateway is hosted by 2Style, under the domain Sweety.Jp. I wanted Psycho.Jp, but I made a very stupid mistake… by giving them the wrong e-mail address. Moron. This is a part of Project Catharsis and the simplest site I’ve planned/made since 2004. It’s like going back to basics – less coding, more styling. Lol.

Okay, I can’t stay awake. I need to go to sleep for a while even though it’s only 7.55pm.