Easter + Mid-Sem Holiday Plan


It’s currently mid-semester + Easter holiday for two weeks. To make up for the lack of ‘holidaying out of Auckland’ last year, I’ll be going around the North Island with Mira and Atie. Basically, here’s the deal:

Day One
Going north to Paihia. Will be staying for a night there. Beautiful beaches~

Day Two
Going to the furthest north of New Zealand. No shit, Sherlock. It’s located at the topmost part of the map. I feel a little bit giddy just thinking about it.
After the cape, we’ll go south to Omapere for a night. Still in Northland.

Day Three
Going down south to Piha. Yet another beautiful beach~
After Piha, we’ll go down southeast to Hamilton where we’ll be staying for a night. We’ll be visiting all those beautiful gardens.

Day Four
Depart from Matamata i-Site to the LoTR site for the Hobbit Village (more like the holes XD).
And then we’ll go eastwest to Rotorua, Taupo and Waitomo. Will probably be sleeping in the car that night before going back to Auckland. Hahaha.

Day Five
Back in Auckland. Probably be going somewhere around auckland. And then sleep like a big log.

Day Six
The Royal Easter Show @ Auckland (ASB Showground)

Auckland –> Paihia –> Cape Reinga –> Omapere –> Piha –> Hamilton –> Matamata –> Rotorua –> Taupo –> Waitomo –> Auckland

I may be adding more to the list, but I’m not sure yet. For winter, I’m thinking of going round the South Island from Christchurch to Dunedin and Queenstown. Of course I’ll be going to Wellington and Australia (Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane) as well. Not sure if I’ll go in winter or during the mid-sem break of the second semester.

Happy holidays to all~

p.s/ I actually wanted to write about my 2-day experience with the Maori culture at Awataha Marae, but I haven’t gotten around to writing about it yet. Maybe later, after I return from my holiday.