Rainy Days Aren’t Over Yet It Seems


– 28.02.08 in the marae @ Epsom Campus, Auckland, New Zealand –

Doing the laundry is a pain these days, what’s with all the rain. It’s been a week, and the constant rain is starting to get on my nerves. I have a bundle of clothes I need washing. We don’t have the luxury of having a dryer in this house. Wait, is there dryers on sale in the market for household use? I need to look into that.

I’ve been back in Malaysia for a little over a month. My holiday is coming to an end. Not really, but I’ll be going back to Auckland on February 7. I’m going to be early, I know. I initially thought Mira and I’d go to Wellington for a week or two, but with very little money left in my account, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. Trust me to waste all those money I got on pointless things. I know I have only myself to blame.

My English is also getting a little bit rusty. I need to write more before going back or I’ll never hear the end from Sheryl’s energetic mouth. She already reminded us waaaaay back then to not let our guards down just because we’re on holiday. Speaking of Sheryl, I still have two electives to choose. I haven’t decided on anything yet. I took Linguistics in the first semester of 2008, and Computer Science in the second. I’m thinking of taking Japanese, but what about the other elective? I’m at lost. In the end, I guess I’ll just take up Sheryl’s offer of doing Teaching Literature (LANGTCHG paper) or something as an elective. The problem is… I totally hate LANGTCHG papers. The final paper for my last LANGTCHG subject was full of WTFness. I wonder if the lecturers actually knew how poor the questions were. It didn’t help my mood much that our frying pans in the kitchen caught fire two hours before the test.

What should I do about this money problem, I wonder. The allowance won’t be in until early or mid March. I’m not worried about my food money. I’m more worried about the money I’ll need to prepare for the rent. $192 per week WITHOUT electricity and internet. The $200 per week accommodation allowance is barely enough to support us. Why haven’t those people in the Ministry of Education given the allowance a raise already? Even if it’s just by $50, it would already be VERY helpful. Houses and rents are going up, and food prices are climbing up the ladder way to gleefully. The prices aren’t going down, so shouldn’t our allowance go up too? Come on. They can’t expect us to work ourselves to the bone while studying, or to rely on our parents. Not all of us are rich.

I’ve started another separate blog for my gameplay logs. It’s not what I’d call blog. I’ll be updating it way to often to call it a blog, so I’ll settle for a log. I’m calling it PlayLog. I’ll be dumping my PC, Nintendo DS, Wii, Playstation and PSP game logs there. I figured it wouldn’t be appropriate to dump everything on this blog. I tend to ramble long. Oh, and I also need to finish those WordPress theme projects I’ve started. Can’t be using other people’s forever, I guess.

On an important, site related note: I’ll be taking after the site more carefully after this, and I’ll try to update often. I’ll check my personal mailboxes more often too. I’m sorry if I never replied to hosting application and whatnot before, but I’ll try to after this.