New Specs, Laptop Cooler, Public Bank and Stuff

I was too tired to write anything after coming back from KB last night. It was a long day where I tried to get almost everything done all at once. Went to the mall, the bank, and then to another mall. In fact, I’m still very sleepy at the moment. I wanted to go back to sleep after Subuh prayer, but I couldn’t (yet, at least). Maybe that’s why I settled for getting this post over and done with.

  • New cooling fan
  • New Specs

To sum things up, here’s the list of what I did yesterday:

  1. Went to RHB bank to withdraw a small fund from my ASB. Uhhh, I feel so poor now but the money’s going to be my ‘lifeguard’ just in case the allowance comes in later than expected (they’re saying it’s in a few weeks, three weeks top, but I couldn’t be so sure)
  2. Went to KB Mall to take my new shiny pair of spectacles. Only after paying did I realise that the frame belongs to the Morgan de Toi accessories collection. I only picked it up because it looks cute before. That explains the pricetag.
  3. Went to the computer zone of KB Mall. Bought new laptop coolers for myself and Mama, a new mouse and a cheap 4GB Trascend flashdrive for ReadyBoost. My cooler is the small and portable one (picture above). It comes with two adjustable speeds and a retractable USB cable. It’s currently happily sucking out the hot air out of my abused laptop. For RM29 (and brandless to boot), this is one cool thing to have. It even comes with a carrying pouch, but one that I cannot touch freely or grip because I can’t touch velvets and imitation velvet surfaces without dropping it or cringing at the feel of it’s texture.
  4. Went to Pacific departmental store surveying some new clothes but couldn’t find any that I like.
  5. Had lunch at Rasamas. It was 1pm and no one was there yet.
  6. Went to BSN to check Mama’s new matrix BSN card. She opened an account there for the purpose of transferring money to some relatives’ BSN accounts. Five years ago, I got my card in a few days. Yesterday, they told us the card would be ready in one month plus. I was like WTF? It’s their fault for being stupid enough to not read the application form carefully. My mother filled the new account application along with a Matrix card application. But then they went and gave her the regular bankcard. When she complained, they cancelled the bankcard and asked her to fill in a new Matrix application. Incompetence idiots.
  7. Went to Public Bank to reset the username and password for my e-banking*. While I’m at it, I opened a savings account to go with my debit card and e-banking. I figured many cool Malaysian merchants still only accepts bank transfers and/or PayPal. Transfers will let me save a lot, so yeah.
  8. Went to Telipot Mosque for Zuhur and Asar prayers (we did stay for at least an hour and a half there).
  9. Went to Tesco for grocery shopping.
  10. Had dinner at Secret Recipe.

* Near the end of last year’s second semester, I wanted to withdraw money from my PB Visa electron in Auckland. At that time, I haven’t made any withdrawal for a while. To my horror, the machine refused to accept my card. Yes, I was horrified. I checked it yesterday and the ATM’s working just fine. That’s when I came to a realisation.

Malaysian bank PIN: 6 numbers
New Zealand bank PIN: 4 numbers

I totally LOLed and felt stupid then. I must have keyed in only four PINs when I tried to access my PB card. Sad, sad, sad and silly Adlina.

And so that was yesterday. One more visit to the mall (need a new universal adaptor and extensions) and I’ll be 100% ready to fly. I’ve even contacted Adrian about our (mine and Mira’s) arrival to Auckland on the 8th. Hope things will go smoothly.

Of License, Banking & Shopping

Lots of things happened today – both good and bad, but not really bad. I’m trying to get back to the way I write blogs in the good old days – by sections. My friends once told me they like that style of mine, so I’m trying to start it again.

The Trouble With Renewing Driving License
My driving license expired on December 27, so I thought it would be good to go and renew it today. Papa suggested I renew it for two years to make things easier, and I chose to follow his plan. The three of us (Papa, Mama and yours truly) headed for JPJ HQ to renew my license, but unfortunately, the counters won’t be open until 2.45pm (it was 12.25pm when we arrived). Break from 12.25pm to 2.45pm? That’s quite long a period. I was like ‘what the heck’ and we decided to go somewhere else first before coming back to the HQ. Just outside the building, we met my driving instructor. He said that even if we wait, I wouldn’t be able to renew my license anyway. The server is temporarily down, and whatever devices the have in the building were currently out of service. %*##$#*@?? I was fortunate, though, my instructor offered to renew my license because he’ll be coming back to the HQ a few more times this week. I’ll just have to go and collect my license from him when it’s done. Thank God! That’s one problem down.

The Trouble With Registering For Public Bank Online Banking
Unlike other cards (at other banks), registering for PB Online Banking required me going to the customer service representative, filling out a registration form, and waiting for a loooong time. No, it didn’t take more than 5 minutes to get the ID and password to access their online banking facilities. It’s just that more people keep coming to the CS table even though it’s occupied (by me!), and the rep finished theirs first because theirs were more complicated and involved a lot more pen-slashing and signing. Um, next time, how about doing the fastest and easiest and definitely less complicated first? Move from basic to complicated, you know, like David Ausubel’s receptive learning theory… I wasted more than 40 minutes when it shouldn’t be more than 10 minutes, 15 minutes maximum if you count the time I spent reading the terms of use and filling out the simple form. And the ID and password can only be used after 24 hours. Great, more waiting.

Shopping at KB Mall

My New Jacket!

Alas, the best event of my day. Spent around RM350 for a Voir/VJ Jeans jacket with faux fur neckline, a knee-length Institute skirt, a cute yellow Institute long-sleeved t-shirt, and a white Nicole blouse with black vertical stripes. Cheap huh? Of course, the Institute skirt and t-shirt went on an 80% discount and the Nicole blouse got 50% discount. Only 10% discount on the jacket, though, because it’s one of the ‘New Arrival’ items… Click the images for full view.

Shopped Institute Skirt

Nicole Blouse Institute T-Shirt