Poetry Migration + Garden of Lies


I’m currently in the middle of migrating all my poetry and lyrics to the Creative Vault section. It’s going to make my life a whole lot easier to keep them in one place where I can access them as well as my blog entries. It’s going to take a while, since I have a huge library of lyrics and poetry. It has also been a while since I last written anything that I could claim to be ‘poetry’. Muse, where art thou? The lack of thy presence saddens me, for I can’t craft without thee. Lol.

Resurrecting my old original story + RPG project is even harder. RPG Maker is behaving wonderfully, so I probably could start with the map soon. Let’s see how patient I can be this time around. I remember the time when my RPG project using RPG Maker was a huge success, complete with my own music, characters, backgrounds and of course, events and special effects. The ‘me’ who was a lot younger was more creative than the ‘me’ now. Whatever did I do to myself, I wonder?

As a fresh start, I’ll be changing the title to Garden of Lies. Despite it being such a lame ass unoriginal title, it fits the storyline. Heck, I even pissed myself off with my own plot. It’s not everyday you feel like strangling your own characters and the f-ed up world they live in.

The best part about this original story is the law – the judicial system in the Garden of Lies. I get to design the tradition, the constitution, decrees – just about everything. Fantasy is a dangerous thing, but it helps with creativity, no?

Designing Frenzy

The title itself is self explanatory. I went on a designing frenzy for two days, which resulted in me forgetting to update all of my blogs when I really should. I’m trying to get my online store project up as soon as I can. It’s not much, actually. Just a small store offering print-on-demand and high quality silkscreen-printed t-shirts, custom-design service, mugs, caps and other small stuff. There are many similar store like these, but almost 95% of them are US-based or international-based. I thought it would be more convenient to set up a Malaysian-based store for us Malaysians. I hope to be able to launch the shop before the term starts.

Which reminds me… I have to add extra $2 to my monthly hosting bill for a dedicated IP. Else, I won’t be able to properly install my SSL certificate. The Visa credit/debit card payment gateway via Siteheart is settled and the payment gateway is secure (encrypted, 128 bit). I just thought it would be nicer for the whole store to run in secure https mode. Go me! Work harder!

I made a few t-shirt designs yesterday, and my personal favourite is this:

Malaysian Blogger Shirt (W) Malaysian Blogger Shirt (B)

Wait, I love these too…

Say What Shirt (B) Blogging is Love

Click on those pictures to get a better view of them. I really want to get them printed and wear them around!

I also played around a bit with Stylish Geeks. You can go play around with the ‘Skin Me!‘ module. I added a new theme to the site to those who are fond of cheerful colours.

SG - Technicolor

Okay. I think I better go and work on my store project… And finish uploading Junjou Romantica scans to Junjou.info. Uploaded Volume 5 – 9. I need to upload Volume 1 – 4.