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– Raine, Ian and Kyouko are my latest victims of anatomy drawing practice –
Sucks like there’s no tomorrow, I know. Shuttup, lol.

I’ve settled all debts with WSA. They better not be coming up with more random debts that I have to pay, or I’ll seriously scream bloody murder this time around.I didn’t check this blog for a few days and interesting spams landed in the spam folder. It seems like spams are geting cleverer with each passing day, but not clever enough to get as Akismet and Intense Debate. Good, all good.

Art: Once upon a time, I used to have a good sense of anatomy for drawing. I used to be good at drawing backgrounds too. If I could just find my three-chapter manga, fully coloured that I made when I was in Form 2, I’m sure they’d look a lot better compared to the ones I make now. The keyword here is ‘used to’, of course. I guess all of my previously acquired skills rotted away because I didn’t pay attention to them enough. Drawing a simple Bridge of Venice is a hassle now. What a shame.

I feel the need to start over and practice more. I’ve left my six-year-old Deviantart account (~sirius-angel) for a new one (=toffeepops) to start afresh. The journal feature is very useful for my random art musing, but random oekaki/sketch log will remain at Pixiv. I still couldn’t find anything better than Livedoor/ Blogger Alliance blogs when it comes to oekaki blog service.

Speaking of anatomy, I wonder if I should re-install Poser Figure Artist or just stick to Posemaniacs. The latter is probably the best online reference ever.

Languages: While my command of Japanese is getting better (but I don’t have time and money for this year’s JLPT), my Italian and Spanish are dying. I keep being confused between Italian, Spanish and French words. A small mistake could lead to my whole sentence being written in a different language than the one I originally intended for it to be. Sucks. Also, I think it’s high time I start learning to read and write Thai. Knowing how to speak the language alone is not enough anymore. I need to be able to write and read as well – for my own satisfaction.

Hosting: Ugh, I’m still at Media Temple. I have two weeks if I want to move out, but seriously I haven’t been able to come to a firm decision! Sad, sad, sad…

Project Catharsis + $10/yr Hosting + Free .Com Domain = A Giddy Me


Umm…. It’s kind of overwhelming, really. I went through a few stages before buying this new domain for my project.

Stage 1: Too lazy to think of a new, extravagant name, I settled for my old project name – Project Catharsis. It’s about time I realise this project. I’m so old already (ahh, I’m going to turn 22 by the end of this year?! Oh, time…). It would be a waste if I don’t use up my RPG Maker VX license. I wanted to buy from Namecheap. And then GoDaddy has this promotion for .info domains, selling at $0.99. Add another $14 and I’ll get both .com and .net domains too. So, I went “Hmmmm….”.

Stage 2: I was browsing around lazily for a new host. I thought of hosting this project on another server because Junjou is consuming a hell lot of resources because of the traffic boost (I was sure it quietened down, but well). For lulz, I randomly searched for $10/yr domain hosting. Hey, there’s one over here, $10/yr for 100GB diskspace and 2000GB bandwidth/month. Cool~

Stage 3: I was so sure I was going to buy a .info domain and buy hosting from the site above. I logged on to my Web Hosting Talk account and suddenly saw this thread by a person from LaxHost. Er… What, $10 annually for 3GB of space, 40GB monthly bandwidth and a free domain name? I’m a sucker a cheap stuff. Hehe… Yes, I just never learn, but I have had experience with LaxHost before, and they’re kind of nice. None of Hostgator’s bastardry that I can remember from them.

Stage 4: Though the space and bandwidth is a lot less from the one I previously considered, it’s still a very good deal for me. I won’t be using much space, and I don’t think I’ll ever get much  traffic from a small, non-profit, personal project (not counting the t-shirt designs and XHTML/CSS business, of course). So I settled for LaxHost’s generous offer and grabbed myself a spot for a mere $10 per year.

Project Catharsis: Shut up, I know it’s a lame name. Possibly the lamest you’ve ever heard, but I still like it. It even shortens to PC, lol. PC is a collection of my original works – novels, comics, RPG games. I’m quite a dreamer, and I’m sometimes always overwhelmed by random ideas and plotlines. It’s high time I put my ideas on paper (internet, whatever) and put it somewhere memorable. Contributions like graphics, sprites, and ideas are loved and happily welcome~ Heck, I’d welcome anyone who’d like to join PC too. Fantasy world rules!

I can go at a leisurely pace with this project since it’s not a blog. Yay!

p.s/ On a random note: Until today, I still have a soft spot for Surpass Hosting. They’re the first hosting company I’ve ever been with, and they’re awesome.