PB Card PIN and Stuff…

Well, my connection kind of went down for a few minutes today. I wonder if Streamyx is really still kicking as it claimed to. Even better (note the sarcasm, dearest), this whole site went down for about 5 minutes. If more, I would have demanded for a partial refund of my hosting payment.

It feels great to have a personal blog where I can rant about anything I want – again. I used to give up writing many times in the past, but now I should put that habit behind me. Writing is extremely crucial to me now, and extremely beneficial to my course of study. Although some may look down at the fact that what I’ learning is not ‘critical’, I do take my studies seriously. How am I ever going to become a good English teacher if I don’t even know how to write properly?

But I’m not using Caramel Toffee to write about my academic life. This is my life in general. For everything else, there are other blogs I’m currently maintaining.

Anways, I finally got my PB Card PIN number today.It’s kind of odd, really, because Saturday is supposed to be public holiday. I never knew post offices in Kelantan open during weekends too. But I’m happy, all in good time. I can finally register for online banking, and do some serious withdrawal from my PayPal account (I think I’m going to empty it, for precaution). Since the first day of getting this card, I’ve been doing some online shopping extensively. Bye bye Papa’s credit card. Hello my own card! And hello to no-hidden-charge online spending too. I can now close the PayPal account I verified using Papa’s credit card years ago.

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