Going Again – For the Last Time + Toffee Host

At least for my bachelor degree. I’m not sure about my further studies, but I probably won’t because there’s no way my parents would allow me to go. So tonight’s my last night at home. I’ll be boarding the flight from Kota Bharu to KLIA at 9.15am, and then to Brunei at 2.40pm and finally to Auckland at 7.30pm. Two months and a half feels like a few days! It’s true that you learn to miss what you have when you’ve left them behind.

The last few days had been food, food and more food. Diets can go to hell for all I care, because ten months is a long time to wait before getting to eat original Malaysian food again.

  • Half-eaten Chocolate Banana
  • Half-eaten Tiramisu

Ok, not only Malaysiam food because those I ate in Secret Recipe were obviously western. I’m going to miss the Food Courts and of course MY MOM’S HOMEMADE CAKES!!! I can make them with the same recipe, but it won’t be the same.

Hope the allowance comes in before the end of this month, or in the first week of March. I only have around $1500, excluding rent to pay until the end of February T_T

Also, I’ve been having lots of fun with Concrete5 CMS. Very easy to customise. VERY, very easy. If anyone’s looking for a lightning-fast hosting, try our Toffee Host (maintained by 5 people):


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And more!

I suck at promotion. Badly. Lol.