Random Log Is Random

I love my playlog because I can be random.

I was playing Tales of Hearts, after not touching the game for a few days out of laziness (hey, I’ve been catching up with my friends…. finally :P), and I hereby proclaim that:


Lol. This is why I friggin heart tales games.

Kamiya Hiroshi is doomed for playing characters who have personality problems 😛 Tieria went “Ore wa, Boku wa, Watashi wa”, and Calcedney went “Watashi wa… Boku wa…” Lol.

Fighting Calcedney, Byrocks & Peridot

Do not fight Calcedney, Peridot and Byrocks if you can’t use hi-ougis. Well, you can still win easily in simple and normal mode, but if you’re playing hard mode… It’s very very advisable for you to use hi-ougis. Shing, Kunzite, Innes and Kohak’s hi-ougis are cool, but if you like to listen to Hisui’s dirty mouth, go for him XD I love it when he babbles all that, it’s funny!

Levelling up in Santex (or however you may romanise it’s name) is a lot of fun! More than 600exps every encounter. Yum.

Tales of Hearts. I wub you :3

So many games *__*

It’s both amusing and horrifying when one day, my brother simply asked me for my external hdd, took it, plug it to his laptop, and handed it back to me. When I checked, my hdd was 9GB short.

He put 9gb worth of DS roms into my hdd. I was like WHAT?! He simply told me to test the games out and tell him which ones are cool.

Sweet torture.

[Tales of Hearts] – Sandworm and Happiness Spirune

I totally LOLed after finding the Spirune in the violent Sandworm’s body. Kohak was like “No way! My Spirune –” And here I thought Spirune affects human only. This Spirune is the green one, and Kohak starts sobbing once Shing returned it to her.

Beryl: Uh, uh… Is it ‘Sadness’? But we’ve already retrieved her ‘Sadness’ Spirune, haven’t we?

That’s what I thought at first too. It’s actually the Spirune of ‘Happiness’. Kohak was crying because she was glad everybody was alive, and that they could see each other again.

Shing: So that’s how it is. Kohak’s feeling of ‘happiness’ is finally back…
Hisui: (punch) Idiot! Don’t you start crying now!
Shing: (nervous laugh) Well, aren’t you teary eyed too, Hisui?

After the cutscene, they walked only a little bit to the north to reach another spot.

Beryl: Oooooohhh!!! OASIS! I’ve been wanting to see you!

The playful banter is back. Beryl teased Hisui about crying like a kid, and Hisui pointed out how Beryl cried just as much. I love how robotic, emotionless Kunzite is scared of Innes :3

p.s/ This whole talk of Lithia being an existence that exists only in Kohak’s Spiria is reminding me greatly of Luke, Asch and Lorelei.

[Cooking Mama] – Just as addictive on Wii

I really need to buy the Cooking Mama kit. I’d damage my Wiimote for sure if I don’t. I tried it out because the DS version was addictive. Well, whatever version, it’s just as addictive. I can’t wait for Gardenning Mama to come out next year! Hope it’s going to be just as cool.

The Wii version features cusines from around the globe, so I was half expecting Nasi Lemak (Coconut milk rice, is it?) to also be on the list. Nah, I don’t think it’s going to be there, though.