Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals

I played Lufia: The Fortress of Doom and Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals when I was very young. The DS remake makes me a happy fangirl all over again. Those talk about the mediocrity of the game did nothing to me. I love the game, the characters and the plot. Curse of the Sinistrals brings me closer to the characters of the game. Even with Dekar!

The music grips the heart. It’s sad when it’s sad, it’s blood-pumping when it does. The addition of alternate ending where Maxim and Selan live is a plus point. I’m always lazy to replay games, but when I have incentives (like alternate endings), I will play the games again.

Selan is now a disc-user instead of a staff-weilding spell user. Guy is a bulky meat head and Artea weilds a gun instead of bow and arrows. Tia’s whip has been replaced with a large suitcase with giant hooks and questionable items. Hmm.

I wish I could control more characters at one time, but then again I already have my Tales series for that.

I loved the game. I hope they remake the first Lufia as well. New fans would be puzzled as to why the game is called Lufia when they only see Iris/Erim throughout the whole game. At least in the original Lufia 2 (where CotS originates), Lufia appeared after the ending credit (as prologue to Lufia I). Although I still don’t understand why the names for some of the characters changed very dramatically from the original Estpolis (Selena -> Selan, Hydekar -> Dekar, etc).

Cooking Mama 2 Unlocked

I’ve unlocked all bonuses and accessories in Cooking Mama 2. Now I need to get all the silver to gold, just for my own satisfaction. I’ll need to work on the part where the instruction says ‘watch the temperature as you boil’ or something like that.

Go go go~

I need a new game to play. I want Gardening Mama asap~


I should have posted this a few days ago, but I was distracted.

So there’s Gardenia in Tales of Hearts. I don’t care what Flora Spodune did, but Gardenia? I remember a password in Tales of Destiny – the first ToD. I thought there’s something about Gardenia in that game as well.

Or I could have been confused by all other Tales games.

After the Cendrillion Drama

To save myself from blabbering too much, I’ll just keep the log in point forms.

  • Of course I’m scared! But my little sister is trapped inside. Would me as her brother run away? – How cute, Hisui! I wub you~
  • Corundum… Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill!!!
  • And who cares if you don’t have to win against Incarose? I pwned that arrogant b1tch anyway. She thought her hi-ougi could pwn us. Tough luck. She got the wrong direction, LOL. Her hi-ougi didn’t hit anyone.
  • Corundum’s high-pitched squeal is getting on my nerves like seriously O:<
  • Ok, Croixeraph’s “Aitakatta yo” is so gay it freaks the hell out of me O_o And his “Ohayou, Creed” sounds eerily like Orenji-kun’s. I like that he insisted he didn’t blast Kunzite to protect Creed. Ha~ Creed was feeling his happiest since 2000 years ago that he totally didn’t mind Croixeraph’s lack of manners.
  • Has the official romaji for this guy’s name came out yet? I was under the assumption that his name comes from Croix and Seraph. Or maybe even Croiser, which means fold, pass or cut across in French..? Croise + Seraph. Lol. He’s nothing like a seraph though he’s admitantly good looking.
  • What an ugly whale…
  • And so Litchia takes advantage of Hisui. Er, I meant she tried to resuscitate him. The guy can’t swim to save his life, remember?
  • “Uoh? Emerald-haired woman?! What the hell did you do?” – Hisui, stop making me love you even more XD You’re so dorkily cute!
  • I just love Namco for always pairing Shing up with the Hearts, specifically Hisui.
  • Oi, wth, we’re back on the starting point? How far away were we washed ashore by the current? Stupid Creed, stupid Incarose, stupid Strigau and stupid, ugly Cendrillion.
  • And so I had to swallow the hard fact that Tales of Hearts is just about to properly begin.

Creed Graphite & Badass Shing

Such a lame name, but Creed Graphite or whoever the hell you are, evil badass Shing is so friggin HOT. I’m glad Silver is finally out of the way. He dared to die after committing a crime, what a shame! And a sham too.

Why the hell can’t I play DS on a bigger screen? Nintendo, there should be cabels connecting our consoles to a larger screen dammit! Or port the damn game Playstation or better yet, Wii.

It’s getting cliche, but that’s just how I love it lol.