After the Cendrillion Drama

To save myself from blabbering too much, I’ll just keep the log in point forms.

  • Of course I’m scared! But my little sister is trapped inside. Would me as her brother run away? – How cute, Hisui! I wub you~
  • Corundum… Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill!!!
  • And who cares if you don’t have to win against Incarose? I pwned that arrogant b1tch anyway. She thought her hi-ougi could pwn us. Tough luck. She got the wrong direction, LOL. Her hi-ougi didn’t hit anyone.
  • Corundum’s high-pitched squeal is getting on my nerves like seriously O:<
  • Ok, Croixeraph’s “Aitakatta yo” is so gay it freaks the hell out of me O_o And his “Ohayou, Creed” sounds eerily like Orenji-kun’s. I like that he insisted he didn’t blast Kunzite to protect Creed. Ha~ Creed was feeling his happiest since 2000 years ago that he totally didn’t mind Croixeraph’s lack of manners.
  • Has the official romaji for this guy’s name came out yet? I was under the assumption that his name comes from Croix and Seraph. Or maybe even Croiser, which means fold, pass or cut across in French..? Croise + Seraph. Lol. He’s nothing like a seraph though he’s admitantly good looking.
  • What an ugly whale…
  • And so Litchia takes advantage of Hisui. Er, I meant she tried to resuscitate him. The guy can’t swim to save his life, remember?
  • “Uoh? Emerald-haired woman?! What the hell did you do?” – Hisui, stop making me love you even more XD You’re so dorkily cute!
  • I just love Namco for always pairing Shing up with the Hearts, specifically Hisui.
  • Oi, wth, we’re back on the starting point? How far away were we washed ashore by the current? Stupid Creed, stupid Incarose, stupid Strigau and stupid, ugly Cendrillion.
  • And so I had to swallow the hard fact that Tales of Hearts is just about to properly begin.