So they edited my .htaccess File

Without telling me. If they had told mefirsthand, I wouldn’t have been so angry. I always wonder why those people seem to always know when I’m awake and when I’m sleeping. It’s always after waking up that I find something outrageous done to my sites. I kind of panicked when I couldn’t access The address kept changing to even though I’ve specified

I knew someone must have been tweaking with my .htaccess, and darn, I was totally right! Someone added FrontPage extensions.

# -FrontPage-

IndexIgnore .htaccess */.??* *~ *# */HEADER* */README* */_vti*

<Limit GET POST>
order deny,allow
deny from all
allow from all
order deny,allow
deny from all
AuthUserFile /my/path/here/_vti_pvt/service.pwd
AuthGroupFile /my/path/here/_vti_pvt/service.grp

Lol, what? I had to FTP a new .htaccess with only WordPress’ mod_rewrite. Am feeling so pissed of right now. I’m just glad nothing happened to Junjou and Ini Aku.

Friendster-press Isn’t Pretty

Please do excuse me while I whine for whining is another way for me to be blatantly honest about my point of views. I didn’t log on to my Friendster for a long, long, looooooong time. The first thing I noticed was the blogs. My first reaction was “Huh, why does that look like wordpress?” You know, the default blue kubrick theme. At least it’s not the classic one (I swear, why is it still included with new installations?).

So I was curious and hit where it says ‘write blog’, and promptly laughed myself off when I saw the line on the address bar

So, yes, I was right. Friendster is using WordPress 2.5 (or below). Being a choosy person that I am, I can’t help but find the interface very very… not pretty in the least. The dashboard looks like this:


Compared to the original WordPress:


I usually wouldn’t have minded about how it looks, but hey, even Greymatter was a lot prettier! Kubrick is ‘Friendster Default’. It’s not the look that I’m whining about. It’s the security. Friendster is currently full of random whores, sluts and bitches (am not apologising for the terms at all) sending messages and leaving testimonials here and there. It’s completely open to SPAMs.

No Akismet to save the day. No other filter plugins. Nada. No stats too. I couldn’t imagine someone who really wants to be heard using the blog, what’s with the non-friendly URLs and all. Who cares about services that shortens URLs? I’d say I’d rather have Blogger or Ok, maybe not blogger, but still…

KELNET PMNet Wireless?


Just when I’m getting into my ‘uploading mode’, TMNet decided they want to screw with my mood. Weeks of crappy internet connection is bad for my rationality. After experiencing crappy datacapped internet plans though (that’s you Woosh Wireless!), I try to tolerate the crappy broadband. One good thing about this connection is that it’s unlimited. I can download and upload as much as I want. My Megaupload speed is wonderful although during this service interruption, it’s practically running on half the usual speed.

I’ve been wondering about this unsecured wireless network in my hometown. I wouldn’t be aware of its existence if not for my EEE PC. My Vaio could only catch 60% of it’s signal strength, and my Dad’s PC only up to 55%. My Asus connects to this mystery network easily at up to 95% signal strength. Even my DS goes at only 75% while playing Ragnarok Online DS. Any Kelantanese living in Pasir Mas, or anyone else happen to be here who’d tried using this wireless network? Video streaming is surprisingly fast. Updating and installing new applications for linux is  fast as well.

Who owns this network, I wonder. Doesn’t seem like my neighbours’ XD

p.s/Something seems to be wrong with my HTTP Server. The FTP Server and Exim are working great. I have no idea why I had to restart the service twice in the past 48 hours.

Little Things That Frustrate Us

– Unique Advertising of Drinks @ Symonds Street, Auckland –

Frm 1Aug, it will be $1 per call to talk to Cust Service on Prepay. You can still manage yr mob free online. For other ways 2manage yr mob &more info freecall 440.

From: Vodafone

Every service over here is all about limitation and money. I don’t know how much Vodafone would charge for GPRS, but it would surely be cutthroat. I’m upset with my internet connection, and Vodafone decided they want to mess with me some more.

Well, My Woosh wireless broadband is currently running on a dial-up speed, which gives me nothing but frustration after frustration of having to wait seemingly forever for a simple page to load.

Internet connection is datacapped. Three of my apartment mates and I share a wireless broadband plan with 51 GB bandwidth per month. The bandwidth would be reset back to 0% on the 21st of every month. And we ran out of our bandwidth last Friday.

I didn’t even get to download this month, having been busy with moving to the new server. I’ve been very conscious with my usage of the internet. I even avoided graphic-heavy websites to save the bandwidth.

Some people apparently didn’t think so.

I wish they’d be more concerned. Using Yahoo!Messenger and Skype eat up lots of bandwidth, and it actually bothers me that some of them are using both messengers almost all day long.

And the internet’s registered under my name.

How lovely.

I want Malaysia! No monthly bandwidth… Ahh…