Mid-sem Road Trip Day I: Paihia, Bay of Islands

Easter Hols 09 - Day 01

The Beginning: We were supposed to start our journey at 9.30am, but due to me cooking and us trying to fit everything into the small Toyota Starlet we rented. From luggage for three people to picnic mat and picnic basket and cool bag and whatnot, just imagine it. It’s safe to say that Mira’s next seat neighbour was our food supply. I cooked fried rice vermicelli for lunch and dinner. We also had tuna sandwiches for dinner to make up for the lack of food.

The Funny Toll Story: We decided not to go through Silverdale and take the highway with $2 toll. We looked everywhere for the tollbooths, but none came into sight. I don’t know if it was because we were too excited or something. There was a sign telling us that manual payment booths are available, but the same question lingered in our brains, “Yes, yes, but where the hell are the booths?” Every fixed distance interval, there were signs reminding us to pay the toll. And that we were given three days max to pay. I was like ‘huh?’, because the toll system we’re used too is totally different.

Atie: How can you get past the gateway if you don’t pay?
Me: I don’t know. Knock the bar down, maybe?
Us: *LOLed*

Before we went through the highway, we saw an officer in a police car, manually taking pictures of passing cars. No matter how I look at it, it seems ridiculous to manually snap pictures of all passing cars. I was wondering what he was doing. It turned out that the officer was the one responsible of keeping record of cars passing through the highway (plate numbers, date and time of entering the highway). When we went online that night to pay the toll, we were laughing and rolling on the bed with mirth. Pay the toll online within three days. I’ll have the old-fashioned toll gateways any day, thank you very much.

The way north to Paihia was filled with beautiful sceneries that we wouldn’t be able to see in Auckland. There’s one thing that I don’t think I could ever forget:

cannot unsee them

Oh, those poor sheeps. Atie and I went “EEEEEPP!!!!” at the sight. It burned into my eyes. It ws brief, but it’s impossible for me to forget it. Too bad Mira missed the sheeps.

harurufallsPaihia – the “Yay!” and the “Grr!”: We arrived at Paihia at about 3pm, if I’m not mistaken. We checked in at Mousetrap Backpackers before changing into leisure clothes. We were looking forward to swimming at the beach or at the waterfall. Well, the Haruru Falls was one big waterfall where only suicidal people would jump in. We were so disappointed. Atie kind of cursed the waterfall for giving false hope. Haha, so did Mira and I. We did the next best thing – we stopped the car along the beach and played in the shallow waters. The tide was a little bit high, so we couldn’t go far out. Not with the stones hitting us with every wave washed ashore.

Mira slept the earliest, followed by Atie. I fell asleep after surfing the net for about an hour and a half. And so ended the first day of our vacation.