Friendster-press Isn’t Pretty

Please do excuse me while I whine for whining is another way for me to be blatantly honest about my point of views. I didn’t log on to my Friendster for a long, long, looooooong time. The first thing I noticed was the blogs. My first reaction was “Huh, why does that look like wordpress?” You know, the default blue kubrick theme. At least it’s not the classic one (I swear, why is it still included with new installations?).

So I was curious and hit where it says ‘write blog’, and promptly laughed myself off when I saw the line on the address bar

So, yes, I was right. Friendster is using WordPress 2.5 (or below). Being a choosy person that I am, I can’t help but find the interface very very… not pretty in the least. The dashboard looks like this:


Compared to the original WordPress:


I usually wouldn’t have minded about how it looks, but hey, even Greymatter was a lot prettier! Kubrick is ‘Friendster Default’. It’s not the look that I’m whining about. It’s the security. Friendster is currently full of random whores, sluts and bitches (am not apologising for the terms at all) sending messages and leaving testimonials here and there. It’s completely open to SPAMs.

No Akismet to save the day. No other filter plugins. Nada. No stats too. I couldn’t imagine someone who really wants to be heard using the blog, what’s with the non-friendly URLs and all. Who cares about services that shortens URLs? I’d say I’d rather have Blogger or Ok, maybe not blogger, but still…