Capriciousness Wins~

Theme Change: Which is why I’ve changed my WP theme yet again in such a short timeframe. My eldest brother is home with his family for the holidays. He has some premium WP themes he bought on a whim, and didn’t use it anymore, so he gave some to me. I’ve spent all day being all giddy trying out new themes and humming at how easy it is to customise each theme (except for some, but well). I settled for this one because I decided to make this blog look simple. Yup, simplicity can win big time. I like how clean it looks now. Sorry old theme. Looks like I can only stand you for so long.

Capriciousness: Speaking of capriciousness, I really need to do something about it. It’s not a nice trait to have. My mother’s complaining about how I get bored so easily at almost everything that’s not related to computer and games. That’s one of her excuses to get me into the topic of boyfriends or life partners. It’s funny how my mom is the one hung up over my ex. I guess she really was looking forward to having him as a family, but hey, things just didn’t work that way. I kind of feel a small pang in my heart when he cried (I was the one who initiated the break-up, so what?), but that’s that.

…ok, not really. I cried for around 15 to 30 minutes after my break-up speech, which was cheesy if Irecall it now. But that’s it, I swear. Anyone I have a crush on (I’m pretty sure these bunch of people knew I had crushes on them, LOL), I got bored with (except for one who I think I still have a small feeling for). It’s like waking up one day feeling nothing at all about that person. How cool or cold is that?

I guess this habbit is something I should get rid off because it can also be VERY dangerous to my wallets. Right now, I’m trying to fight the desire the put my EEE PC on sale just for the heck of it. I used to love it so much, but now. Hm.

Defeating Feelings of Worthlessness

We go through this phase many times in our lives. There may be times that we feel so insecure about ourselves and many times over, we give up before even trying. If you’ve ever felt this way, don’t worry too much about it. I’ve been in similar situations too in the past, but a little new knowledge and time work wonders on me. The key to defeating the feelings of worthlessness?

Boost your self esteem!

Like it or not, your level of self-esteem defines your personality. A person with good and pleasant personality is a person who always thinks rationally. Thinking positive is good too, but only to a certain extent. The best you can do to help yourself is by rationalising – get in touch with the inner you. Here’s what you can do boost your self-esteem for a better personality and a more pleasant relationship of any kind:

1. Avoid criticising or insulting yourself when you make mistakes. Admit your mistakes, but rationalise with yourself about the nature of the mistakes. Don’t jump to telling yourselves “I can never do anything right!'” or “That’s it, I’m cursed!” or “I’m just plain stupid”. Instead, tell yourselves something like “I’ll do better next time” or “Maybe I was not careful enough. I’ll be more careful next time” or even “I’m a human too, and it’s normal for us humans to make mistakes at some points in our lives!”.

2. Cope with your problems, don’t ‘mope’ around with your problem. Thinking about problems at hand and not do anything will make it worse. Instead of feeling blue all over because of your problems, remind yourselves that there are other people out there who face more serious, life-threatening problems compared to you.

Keep in mind that the only person who can help us is ourselves. Other people can only help make we feel better, but to overcome it completely is a task we are responsible for. If we love ourselves, we have to start helping ourselves.