Last Minute Assignment and Autumn Rain in Auckland

– Autumn in the University of Auckland, Auckland (19.05.08) –

It rained just before I walked out of the apartment building this morning. Autumn in Auckland is really inconsistent. When it’s supposed to be cold, the sun shines down like it’s angry. Sometimes, it rains like this morning – just a brief shower. Another time, it would rain non-stop for a whole day. That scenario usually occurs on weekends when I have plans to go out, though.

I expected ESOL 210 class to be less packed today, considering how we had EDUC 283 assignment to hand in by 4pm. I wasn’t expecting the class to be so empty, though. There were only nine of us attending the lecture, and our lecturer Rosemary smiled knowingly. She must have had similar experience throughout her teaching career. So, with only nine students, you can just imagine how boring the class was. Mira and I tried to see the fun in ‘Results and Discussions’ section of research reports. Sorry, Rosemary. We couldn’t help the sudden snorts, chortles and silent giggles we made when we did the exercises on pages 197 to 205. Well, the fact that the sample research dealt with English vocabulary and teenagers was amusing enough. The fact that 100% of the test subjects answered correctly to the word ‘sex’ was another. I want to see the research instrument! It must have been funny, because I saw words like ‘cream’, ‘skirt’, ‘copy’ and ‘original’. They couldn’t answer ‘skirt’ but they could answer ‘sex’, just what in the world were they thinking?

Speaking of ESOL 210, I got back my 3rd assignment and my 3rd test paper. So far, so good. I got 8% out of 10% maximum for each paper, so I guess I’m pretty safe. I have two more papers for ESOL 210 in the form of a test and an assignment, weighing the last 30% of the course marks. Each paper weighs 15%, and I must get at least 11.5% out of 15% for each of the paper. Not need, but absolute must! Otherwise I’ll fall to B+.

I don’t know what will happen to my EDUC 283 assignment, but I’m pretty sure I won’t get good marks for it. It’s really hard to submit a paper when there’s no clear format of how to answer. It’s not an essay, yet it’s not just a simple comprehension task. I think I would have been more confident if the assignment was in the form of an essay or research/observation. I would gladly write a 5000-word-essay if the instructions are clear. I am to be blame for putting myself on a tight spot. It was a last minute work, and I feel really bad about it. But I know I brought it upon myself. My mind went blank on me after submitting EDUC 223 assignment last Friday. I only got my hands to type out the words late last night and after ESOL 210 class this morning.

I skipped ESOL202 class for the purpose of finishing the assignment too. Yes, I am in a dire need to go and punish myself. No splurging on anything more than $10 for 1 week. I’ll keep reminding myself that for punishment.

I sound like I’m adopting the Executive approach. And here I thought I’m more likely to adopt the facilitator approach…