Flamed for Writing Only in English

Seriously, I’ve never had this problem before. I don’t think it should be a problem as to what language I want to write my personal blog in. What could be so wrong with using standardised, proper English in my blog entries? I have no idea who this person who sent this e-mail is:

Apesal korang anak Melayu susah sangat nak tulis dalam bahasa sendiri ha? Sana sini soksek soksek alih alih tulis dalam bahasa orang putih. Ada bahasa sendiri bt la cara ade bahasa sendiri. Konon ade kelas la kalau guna bahasa orang putih tu. Boleh jalan la.

I don’t know who this person is. Maybe I don’t want to know who he or she is, because there’s a nagging feeling at the back of my head telling me that this person is no stranger to me.

EDIT: So I found out who he is. Thank God he isn’t anyone important in my life. He just happens to be a guy my friends and I were arguing with in some educational forum.

So why do I only write in English? I have good reasons for this.

  1. I’m a teacher-trainee majoring in TESOL, and that is teaching English to speakers of other languages. I need to be able to use the language at ease before I can teach others.
  2. I don’t speak much at home, not in English and not in whatever language. During the holidays, I am confined to the comfort of my bedroom. I don’t like going out and hanging out with friends. With limited opportunities for verbal communication, I choose to practice my English online.
  3. When I do speak English, it’s usually only with my parents. Since school, people look at me like I’m mad if I speak English. I just happen to live in this small community where 99% of the locals are Malays.
  4. My English is FAR FROM PERFECT and I am well aware of this fact. I promised my coordinator to improve my command of English and to not let it be taken down by lack of practice during the holidays.
  5. I have trouble writing in casual, conversation-like tone without sounding like a total prick so excuse me for writing blogs like an old lady.
  6. I have many non-Malaysian friends who obviously don’t speak my language. What better way to make them understand if not by writing it in the language they’d understand?

Just becauseI’m writing in English doesn’t mean I don’t like my mother language. I have unpublished novels written in Malay to prove it. They were written in what you’d call ‘puitis, berbunga dan gramatis‘ language (that’s poetic, flowery and grammatical to some of you who know who you are =D )

I ask you to eat back your words, whoever you are. Stop being so narrow minded, and stop being a prejudist. You have no right to make such claims. In crude English: Stop being a total prick because your badassery and mindfuckery won’t work on me.