The Fianc̩e and the Fianc̩ РA New Journey

My engagement ceremony started and concluded well last Saturday. Although I didn’t get to see the procession of when Zaki’s family arrived, I did get to see it through short video clips taken by my eldest brother. I was smiling and giggling – how cute of him to be flustered and awkward before entering the house.

It started a little bit after 11am, the original time of the event. Traffic, I guess. My uncle’s family helped lead the way to my house from the mosque. I was confined to a room near the kitchen until my cousin called me out for the exchange of rings. If you ask me what they talked about, I have no idea whatsoever. I’ll assume it’s nothing bad because the atmosphere wasn’t as tense as I thought it would be. I knew I chose the right colour when I saw him wearing the traditional baju melayu complete with songkok. I think my heart skipped a beat. Oh, and he was wearing his specs – I LIKE~~~~ (yes, that’s a confession. I love it when he wears specs, okay. And vests. And dress shirts. And baju melayu, of course). After the rings, we took photos. Lots of photos. I am my own photography director for this event, so none of the shots was professional enough, unfortunately. It sort of made me feel like we’re married but there’s distance between us in all pictures. Nevertheless, we looked happy in those pictures~

I wished everyone was there. My brother and sis-in-law are in Tawau, Sabah. His little brother and two little sisters did not attend the ceremony as well. I hope everybody will be in the next time we have an event like this. I’ll probably hire a pro next time, depending on my budget.

We might have been just friends longer than we’ve been in love, but that doesn’t mean our love is less deep than those who’ve been together for longer than we have. I enjoy learning how to become a good wife for my future husband. Back when we were still studying, I love cooking for him because maaaaannn… he can EAT! I don’t know why, but I soooo enjoy watching him eat up the meals on the dishes (or in the plastic containers). I pray that one day the time will come when we will go home to say “I’m home!” to each other. I pray it won’t be too long a wait too. It’s amazing, you know, how we went from aku kau to saya kamu to abang sayang. It wasn’t so smooth but it happened. Naturally.


It wasn’t a very smooth sailing. We faced obstacles before coming this far and I’m sure there are many more obstacles waiting for us out there. Am I scared? Of course I am. Is he scared? I think so. Well, if I know him well, I know he is scared as well. We’re both scared. The final date is yet to be set. I can tell my brain to forget about it for a while but I can’t fool myself into thinking that it doesn’t matter. Until the date is set, I’ll be fidgety every once in a while, I guess. My mind is already thinking about the event, budgeting and everything related. Budgeting, most importantly. As much as I hate to mention money, it does get the world moving.

Investing in another good Ariani shawl and a DSLR (albeit an entry one) was probably one of my biggest satisfaction ever. My photos came out lovely. The shawl that I wore provided ultimate comfort for the whole 4 hours of wearing it. I didn’t want to hire a photographer because it was just an engagement, not yet a wedding. What I did was set the camera to the settings that I wanted and taught my closest-to-age cousin Zayanie how to shoot with the camera. She took very nice pictures and I’m so happy with most of the shots. Mission “capture pretty moments” was accomplished! I only wished I had good shots of when Ibu put the ring on my finger but it happened too fast (and I forgot to teach my cousin how to switch to “continuous adv” drivesetting). That’s okay, I guess, because I can always relive the moment in my mind and in the video clips. The photo/video editor? Myself, of course.

To those planning their engagement or wedding in Kelantan especially around Pasir Mas, Kota Bharu and Rantau Panjang, I would like to recommend Aisycreation Boutique located in Tal Tujoh. Lovely owners, lovely arrangements et cetera.  You can flip through my engagement album here. Era Nona near Tesco Kota Bharu has one of the best prices for deco and flowers I’ve seen so far. It beats the one shop I saw in Rantau Panjang by miles.

Although the fiance did complain about the intensity of the make-up…ok, he doesn’t like me in make-ups. I don’t like heavy make-ups as well. I don’t like lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushers but I let the make-up artist do her job. My eyes did feel heavy because of the eyelashes, but well… At least they look kinda nice in pictures :/

I’ll backtrack and press rewind in the next entry. I just realised I spoke not much of my preparation and my graduating ceremony which was held on the 28th of May. For now, I’ll stop at the thumbnails below.

p.s/ I love you, bang. I don’t know when will be the next time we’ll see each other again but I’ll be waiting.