Doujin Overload 2009

YamaGoku!!!!!!!!!!! I am so gay for the Gokudera crossplayer (<a href='' rel='external friend' title='My bff´s Mira´s blog'>Mira</a> said she does too, lol). So pwettyyyyy!!! (Extra points for being Malaysian :3)

– Aren’t their Yamamoto and Gokudera awesome? ♥♥♥ –
(More pics) もっと取った写真はこちら~

I should be posting this to Junjou, but I’m still having the blasted disappearing post body problem (even after reinstalling), so I’ll post it here instead. Although I was (and am still) sick like whoa, I still went to Doujin Overload. Well, what the heck? The venue was Hyatt Regency Hotel, which is only around 5-minute walk (maybe less, but definitely couldn’t be more unless I walk like a real zombie). Anyways, I went there at around 11am with Mira to submit a very crackish art entry to the art competition before midday, lol. We missed the first dance performance, but we were just in time for DO Band. Oh, the band was awesome. The songs performed were from Nana and Full Moon wo Sagashite. The one singing had such a nice voice~

And then we started browsing randomly. So many shounen-ai/yaoi items this year I’m so happy! Apparently, this year is all about Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Hetalia, Kuroshitsuji and Vocaloid. I’m surprised at the lack of Reborn and Dino’s popularity. I’m so not surprised at the abundance of Yamamoto/Gokudera, hehe… Speaking about Yamamoto and Gokudera, refer to the picture above 🙂 My eyes have been following them (agh, I feel like a perv!) from the moment we arrive. No, I’m not turning into a stalker. Really. So, um, if you  guys happen to be reading this by chance or whatever, please don’t mind me. I’m just a happy and delirious fangirl~

New haircut... Does it make me look younger? Hehe. After looking around, we went to Mid City to have lunch. It started out okay until everything I was eating suddenly tasted bitter. I had to stop eating and throw my lunch away. On the way back, I got myself a haircut.

This new haircut suddenly caused a girl to speak Chinese, and a guy to speak Japanese to me at the event. Hmm, why exactly? I’d like to think I still look very, very Malaysian even after this new haircut, thank you very much 😛

Before going back to Hyatt, we went home to drop off a few things. And then we walked back up to the venue and started spending money on small stuff.

I’m proud of myself for not spending more than $50 for this year’s event! I’ve got to save some for Comic Fiesta this year (cosplay too?) as well. I can’t remember how much I spent last year, but it was efinitely over $60. Maybe even $100, I don’t know.

I’ve already established that the DO Band was awesome. The last dance performance was cool too. I cannot unsee Japan dancing, though. No, seriously. I wonder if it would be cuter if young Holy Roman Empire and young Italy were to join in (I was actually secretly hoping for Gokudera to dance as well *sobs*). We then practically hunted down people to take pictures with. Well, I wasn’t complaining at the cute interaction between two Gokuderas and a Yamamoto (imagination, imagination!). After snapping pictures of/with a few cosplayers (I missed taking a picture with TYL!Squalo ;_;), we headed back home.  That was when I realised that I FORGOT TO CLAIM THE MUKURO BADGE I RESERVED!!! So disappointed. All in all, today was a fun day. Now I’m back to being semi-bedridden because of my sickness. Ugh.

p.s/ Read a longer post on Mira’s blog, Sweet Choco HERE~

Waking Up Just to Fall Asleep

– Project Catharsis website – Still under construction @ –

Sleeping from 7pm to 1 or 2am, and then stay awake doing random and not so random stuff like:

  • Proofreading documents I’m asked to go through for quality control
  • Translating Japanese doujinshis, mangas and novels for various scanlation groups (and individually). It is enjoyable, but very mind-breaking. My eyes are swirling from all those Kanji characters. Apple of Eden’s works are still okay (though the long discussion between Lal, Kusakabe and Hibari in ‘Sayonara Hibari Sensei’ is so full of kanji that my brain hurt), but Electrocks tendency to use difficult kanjis is a different case.Arrrr.
  • Abusing my worn tablets, sketchbooks, pigment liners and pencils to draw randomly. I need to finish my doujin “Inori” (the title may or may not be changed to “One Million Sandcastles” to match the fiction version), start working on Eleven Fifty Nine and finish at least the darn prologue of “Parapsypchic”. I’m still in the process of drafting out the whole Parapsychic universe including school curricula and organisations and a whole democratic and legal system. What have I started?
  • Brainstorming for the Doujin Overload 2009 Art Competition. It needs to be hand-drawn, which I think is fair for everyone.
  • Revamping Project Catharsis ( All of them. I reinstalled wordpress and cleaned up the tables. The site now is totally backed up by WordPress, CushyCMS and NextGen Gallery. I’ll need to work on integrating my manga viewer script with the site.Since I’m a sucker for cute applications, I love CushyCMS~

I tried to get WordPress blogroll to appear alongside the list of pages, but no matter what I do, using the template tag without arguments was totally hopeless. The original one was this:

[code lang=”php”]


I don’t care anymore. As long as it’s not as horrible. I still get a decent drop down link list this way.

p.s/ I need to go sleep for a while. I should update my Dreamwidth as soon as I wake up or I’ll forget. Again. While I’m at it, I might as well draw and write for Kamikorosu’s next journal entry (moving into canon timeline now, finally).