Birthday and Sailing Experience

decks01Yesterday was my birthday, and I have to say that it was probably the dullest birthday I’ve ever had. First, I forgot about it until late Friday night. I was like, “Wait, today’s 25th? So tomorrow’s my birthday? Huh??”. That just goes to say that time just moves too fast for my brain to catch up. Seriously. It’s been raining non-stop in Auckland the past couple of weeks. It rained yesterday too, of course. I spent the day indoor listening to the strong wind howling throughout the whole apartment. It was a downright creepy sound too. Before I knew it, the day was over and 27th came (Happy Birthday Akmar!!).

But today is like a wonderful post-birthday celebration of sorts. Our class went on a sailing trip (though we were on two separate boats). It’s the first sailing trip I’ve ever had and it’s probably going to be the last one too.  Can’t afford it otherwise (this trip was sponsored, so…). I’d rather spend the money traveling on planes to different continents if I can afford the luxury. The wind was nice. The view was nice once we get past the docks. No one got seasick~ We were practically standing on the seats.

At first, we were so in the ‘BOAT RACING!’ mood, but then the wind was too nice to even think about competing. Lol. Just before we end the trip, our boats docked side by side where everybody brought out the cakes and sang a birthday song to Akmar and I. The cakes were also meant for Eid 😉 I didn’t know there was going to be cakes. The cheesecake was awesomely delicious. Just a little bit saltier than usual but delicious nonetheless. Next comes the lunch. Fried rice from Angie’s Kitchen. The best thing was that…

…we ended up eating lunch where it says ‘No passengers on decks‘. Pfft. Just like us. Just like in the picture;  it was taken where we definitely shouldn’t be at.

This trip, I have to say, is a very memorable one for me. After the dull day yesterday, this Sunday is definitely several times more awesome.

Now I have to return to my deadly EDUC348 assignment. For some reasons, I’m not freaking out at all although I’m calling it ‘deadly’. Hmm. I must have snapped.

p.s/What’s with the sudden onslaught of Russian spams? They were in Russian before, but now the comments are in English. The comments are so funny too. Pfft.I guess spammers really do try so hard to fail at life evn though they’re already so full of fail

p.p.s/ Mom, I’m not as anti-social as you think, lol. I’m just an indoor kind of person, like a disproportionate chubby, overweight hamster that’s too comfortable in its cage ♥♥♥

Housewarming, Birthday and Gossips


The party: We held a housewarming + birthday party today, with lots of people invited and lots of food too. I can say that I had a lot of fun even though cooking and baking and cleaning up everything is a little bit of a pain in the butt. Okay, I take it back. It’s a lot of pain, but it was fun nonetheless. It’s also cute to see the people who didn’t hold back and just eat away at the food served. Hehe.

The gossip: I’ve been behind in my social life, and having no Facebook, I only got to know about the gossip of Dyau’s girlfriend two days ago. Everybody was like, “Who’s the girl?”. I know I’d be curious too if my friend suddenly has a girlfriend whom nobody knows about. In Atie’s words, “Who’s the anonymous girl?”. Dyau’s so gonna shoot me for this, but hey, I can’t help feeling like wanting to solve mysteries. The sudden ‘In A Relationship’ status is a big mystery in itself, okay? I’m feel giddy that I kind of know who she is now (see HERE and HERE). 100% sure. Now we only need Dyau to confirm this (she’s cute~).

p.s/ Will probably update with photos later. Too tired now.
p.p.s/ Educ 384. Urgh. Nuff said.