Australian Open Final & My Wish

I still glare at the radio when they announce the results for tennis tournaments. I don’t hate Rafa, of course not. He’s got style, he’s got strength – and yes, he is worthy of the title.

But I’ve been a loyal supporter of Roger ever since he debuted in the professional world. Keeping clips, news and magazine articles – because he’s always so polite and delivers meaningful, inspiring speech unlike Roddick who was a total snob. It’s hard on us fans when people keep saying how Roger has been ‘dethroned’ over and over again.

This article brings a small hope, and I hope it will come true; that the no.1 title will be back in Roger’s hands again. Just because he sucks in French Open all the time (sorry) doesn’t mean he can’t shine back on.

Uh. I’m such a fangirl.

p.s/ Rafa’s hardcore fans, no bashing my post, pretty please. I like the guy, I just couldn’t accept him as the title holder just yet. At least not until it is obvious that Roger’s career is showing a sharp descent.