Doujin Overload 2009

YamaGoku!!!!!!!!!!! I am so gay for the Gokudera crossplayer (<a href='' rel='external friend' title='My bff´s Mira´s blog'>Mira</a> said she does too, lol). So pwettyyyyy!!! (Extra points for being Malaysian :3)

– Aren’t their Yamamoto and Gokudera awesome? ♥♥♥ –
(More pics) もっと取った写真はこちら~

I should be posting this to Junjou, but I’m still having the blasted disappearing post body problem (even after reinstalling), so I’ll post it here instead. Although I was (and am still) sick like whoa, I still went to Doujin Overload. Well, what the heck? The venue was Hyatt Regency Hotel, which is only around 5-minute walk (maybe less, but definitely couldn’t be more unless I walk like a real zombie). Anyways, I went there at around 11am with Mira to submit a very crackish art entry to the art competition before midday, lol. We missed the first dance performance, but we were just in time for DO Band. Oh, the band was awesome. The songs performed were from Nana and Full Moon wo Sagashite. The one singing had such a nice voice~

And then we started browsing randomly. So many shounen-ai/yaoi items this year I’m so happy! Apparently, this year is all about Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Hetalia, Kuroshitsuji and Vocaloid. I’m surprised at the lack of Reborn and Dino’s popularity. I’m so not surprised at the abundance of Yamamoto/Gokudera, hehe… Speaking about Yamamoto and Gokudera, refer to the picture above 🙂 My eyes have been following them (agh, I feel like a perv!) from the moment we arrive. No, I’m not turning into a stalker. Really. So, um, if you  guys happen to be reading this by chance or whatever, please don’t mind me. I’m just a happy and delirious fangirl~

New haircut... Does it make me look younger? Hehe. After looking around, we went to Mid City to have lunch. It started out okay until everything I was eating suddenly tasted bitter. I had to stop eating and throw my lunch away. On the way back, I got myself a haircut.

This new haircut suddenly caused a girl to speak Chinese, and a guy to speak Japanese to me at the event. Hmm, why exactly? I’d like to think I still look very, very Malaysian even after this new haircut, thank you very much 😛

Before going back to Hyatt, we went home to drop off a few things. And then we walked back up to the venue and started spending money on small stuff.

I’m proud of myself for not spending more than $50 for this year’s event! I’ve got to save some for Comic Fiesta this year (cosplay too?) as well. I can’t remember how much I spent last year, but it was efinitely over $60. Maybe even $100, I don’t know.

I’ve already established that the DO Band was awesome. The last dance performance was cool too. I cannot unsee Japan dancing, though. No, seriously. I wonder if it would be cuter if young Holy Roman Empire and young Italy were to join in (I was actually secretly hoping for Gokudera to dance as well *sobs*). We then practically hunted down people to take pictures with. Well, I wasn’t complaining at the cute interaction between two Gokuderas and a Yamamoto (imagination, imagination!). After snapping pictures of/with a few cosplayers (I missed taking a picture with TYL!Squalo ;_;), we headed back home.  That was when I realised that I FORGOT TO CLAIM THE MUKURO BADGE I RESERVED!!! So disappointed. All in all, today was a fun day. Now I’m back to being semi-bedridden because of my sickness. Ugh.

p.s/ Read a longer post on Mira’s blog, Sweet Choco HERE~

Waking Up Just to Fall Asleep

– Project Catharsis website – Still under construction @ –

Sleeping from 7pm to 1 or 2am, and then stay awake doing random and not so random stuff like:

  • Proofreading documents I’m asked to go through for quality control
  • Translating Japanese doujinshis, mangas and novels for various scanlation groups (and individually). It is enjoyable, but very mind-breaking. My eyes are swirling from all those Kanji characters. Apple of Eden’s works are still okay (though the long discussion between Lal, Kusakabe and Hibari in ‘Sayonara Hibari Sensei’ is so full of kanji that my brain hurt), but Electrocks tendency to use difficult kanjis is a different case.Arrrr.
  • Abusing my worn tablets, sketchbooks, pigment liners and pencils to draw randomly. I need to finish my doujin “Inori” (the title may or may not be changed to “One Million Sandcastles” to match the fiction version), start working on Eleven Fifty Nine and finish at least the darn prologue of “Parapsypchic”. I’m still in the process of drafting out the whole Parapsychic universe including school curricula and organisations and a whole democratic and legal system. What have I started?
  • Brainstorming for the Doujin Overload 2009 Art Competition. It needs to be hand-drawn, which I think is fair for everyone.
  • Revamping Project Catharsis ( All of them. I reinstalled wordpress and cleaned up the tables. The site now is totally backed up by WordPress, CushyCMS and NextGen Gallery. I’ll need to work on integrating my manga viewer script with the site.Since I’m a sucker for cute applications, I love CushyCMS~

I tried to get WordPress blogroll to appear alongside the list of pages, but no matter what I do, using the template tag without arguments was totally hopeless. The original one was this:

[code lang=”php”]


I don’t care anymore. As long as it’s not as horrible. I still get a decent drop down link list this way.

p.s/ I need to go sleep for a while. I should update my Dreamwidth as soon as I wake up or I’ll forget. Again. While I’m at it, I might as well draw and write for Kamikorosu’s next journal entry (moving into canon timeline now, finally).

Time to Say Hello to Cabin Fever

– With a few ESOL students @ Avondale College, and the flag Maria brought to class (120609) –

Other than admitting to the fact that I am hopelessly in love with my own name (this has nothing to do with narcissism, thank you very much), nothing particularly interesting has been going on around me lately. I’m back to being snappish, easily annoyed, feeling like wanting to sleep the whole day without doing anything and anything else that you can associate wih extreme laziness. The weather the past few days were not helping either. Waking up to a white blur out of the tall window was not a pleasant experience, just like having temperatures above 15 degrees celcius during winter was kind of uncool (literally).

I’ve been switching from books to books, one piece of writing to another, sites to sites – unable to focus on anything. Even this entry feels forced. I haven’t been updating my other journals as well. Those are just a few examples of my laziness at the moment. The biggest accomplishment during this reign of ultimate boredom is probably that I’ve managed to write over 10,000 words of fiction in a week. They’re actually pieces that I really had fun writing too.

I guess I should go back to my DS. It’s been a long time since I updated my gamelog. What a shame. It’s time to go hunting for good DS games again. I’m also putting DSi on hold. Nope, not going to buy it anytime soon, at least until they find the proper flash cart for it. I’m still extremely happy with my red DS~ I’d rather buy a second Wii or a new UMPC.

I’ll be back to feeling very, very bored after this. Huffs.

Chocolatey Time and a Walk Down the Memory Lane

– Chocolate Steam Pudding, Chocolate Waffles, etc @ Chocolate Boutique, Parnell, Auckland, NZ. –

I went to Atie’s place with Mira at around 6.30pm last Thusday and waited for our friends from Australia to join us for a little sinfully chocolatey indulgence time at Chocolate Boutique. There were Rozi, Sarah, Umai and Kak Fad (Kelsey’s not there, though). I’ve only been there once, and I went alone last time; so it wasn’t that interesting. Since I knew we would be going as a group, I just knew it was going to be fun. I’m not the type who’s comfortable walking in a crowd, but they’re a bunch of lovely friends. Being able to join them while being known as the not-so-sociable girl (at least not anti-social) eating, talking, laughing and just having a good time with them is something I consider precious.

We took the link bus and arrived a little bit further than our destination, but it was okay. It was a short walk down, no worries. After a random camwhoring moment, we ordered for our chocolatey treats. Yummy, yummy chocolates in all forms. I ordered their Chocolate Waffles because of my sudden craving for waffles (saw the easy-cook waffles at Foodtown, but it’s not in my budget at that time), and a glass of Mocha Affogato (melted milk chocolate + 2 shots of espresso + ice cream) to slurp. Poor Atie took my espresso as chocolate and got the strong taste of coffee burn her tastebuds. Sorry dearie~

Acap arrived way too late to join the feast. The funniest think he said was probably “Where are the other guys?”, because there weren’t any (though I kind of expected Dyau to tag along, but I guess he was sleeping?) After the food, we camwhored for a while and walked all the way back to the city from Parnell. It was a pleasant experience it you don’t count the cold. My back was sweating under my jacket and sweatshirt, so no probs there. Mira pointed out to a fancy shop selling equally fancy stuff.

“Look, it’s like the Phantom of the Opera!”

That was what set Atie, Sarah and me into a long conversation about our Foundation days back in IPBA in which we parodied PotO in small groups, under the supervision of Miss Pat. I was the Phantom in my group. Sarah was a memorable La Carlotta. I still remember LOLing at her ‘Where’s my doggie?!’ lines, and the part where the (imaginary) grand chandelier fell atop her (imaginary) doggie. Fun times! We agreed that we kind of miss those days. I hope I still have the video recording of our parodies at home. I know I took them, so they must be there!

Before going home, Mira and I went to Foodtown for minor grocery shopping (because I already did most of them the ther day). Sweet night was sweet indeed, and our house was not that cold. That’s about everything for now. Some photos have been uploaded to FB, and are available for viewing here.

Six Months Left Before Goodbye, One Until The Last Term

Myself (left), Atie and Kelsey @ Hulu Cat Tea House, Auckland, New Zealand (170609).

I have revamped the entire blog, minus the jumbled up tags, as a silent promise to make this blog more active from now onward. Yes, yes, I say that all the time, but I really hope I’m able to keep it. Why is it so hard to spend at least 10 minutes per day to write a journal entry that I can go back to in the future? I really need to work on my poor time management skills and my ability to write more serious stuff – fandom doesn’t count.

I’ve finished practicum in New Zealand last Friday. While I’m glad to not have to commute from Auckland City to Avondale College, I do feel a pang of sadness. Just a tiny wee bit. It’s not because I miss the school or the students; it’s just that it is a reminder that I now have less than a year and a half to graduate. It’s a reminder that this is my last year in the university, doing headache-inducing third stage courses, preparing for another year of training back in Malaysia. Mmhmm. It makes me nervous. So, so nervous.

Putting that aside, Mira and I left the cocoon of our warm house (not that warm, but warmer than the pre-winter chill outside, at the very least) to join Atie, Felicia, Wira, Dyau, Hijrah, Danial and Kelsey at Hulu Cat. Kelsey and Dan are here for he term break, over from Brisbane. Once there, I had a sudden craving for kare- ramen. The closest thing they have there is kare-udon (seafood, of course), so I settled on that. Yummy. The worst part, though, was the Caramel Latte. For $6, it sucked big time. It tasted exactly like Nescafe Freeze. I’ll never ever order that drink again.

Alright, that’s it for now. I have to catch the Link Bus to Chocolate Boutique, with Mira and Atie, as well as a few others. Ciao.