So, New AirAsia Call Centre Huh…

It’s kind of interesting to see e-mails from AirAsia that aren’t about special deals or free seats. New call centre, AirAsia? Tell me who you’re kidding, pretty please. Instead of adding another call center, why don’t you just try to improve the overall quality of your customer service? I wonder why there’s an option to contact CS via e-mail if you never reply, regardless of the priority of the CS request.

We acknowledge the numerous complaints by frustrated guests trying to reach on our Call Centre for assistance…..

….You will start enjoying this enhanced service when the new Call Centre is fully completed by 15 February 2009.

As we are presently undergoing migration, our Call Centre is operating with limitations and thus you may find the lines to be heavily congested. On average we receive a total of 15,000 calls a day so I would really appreciate it if you could try not to call our Call Centre for the next 6 weeks while we are ramping up.

‘We acknowledge’ or the ‘masss media acknowledge’ first, I wonder. Having to wait forever for the CS representative is no old news anymore. It’s just the same as Public Bank’s CS, forever with ‘Please hold. Our representative will attend to you shortly’. One could only listen to the on-hold music so long before getting pissed off.

Let’s just say that while I kind of like flying with them (when the ticket is not more expensive than MAS’. There are just times when their price is a lot more expensive than MAS’. Low cost, huh? *snorts*), I totally hate their CS.