If Choosing Electives Is This Hard…

It feels like time is moving faster than ever. February is approaching, and already my legs are like jellies. I don’t want to go back to Auckland… yet. I know it’s hard to let go of a life where you have everyone else do things like cook and laundry for you, even harder to leave thsi endless supply of unlimited internet. Gah, I really am lazy 😛 I shouldn’t be thinking this way.

I’m still trying to decide my electives for this year. I have absolutely no idea what I should be taking, so I e-mailed Sheryll. This is an excerpt of her reply:

I would suggest that you find courses that will help you in the school setting – e.g. maths – comp sci – esol papers – education papers that reflect your interests (like gifted children). The choice is what ever you decide helps you get a good grade or can sustain your interest.

Oh, easier said than done. The problem with ESOL is that they only have two stages. I am in no way interested in any of them right now. Gifted children (EDUC) sounds cool, though. Now if I can just look at the syllabus, maybe I’d consider. As long as I don’t have to do what I did in EDUC225 again. That was a total nightmare.

I guess I really am in need of suggestions right now. I’m thinking of doing Japanese 130 (or 230, if I pass the test) for one, but I have no clue what the other other one should be. Anyways, let’s just lay down all the mandatory subjects for 2009:

First Semester 2009
EDUC 384 – Information Technology in Education (I think I’ll be enjoying this)
LANGTCHG 303 – Instructed Language Learning (Erk…)

Second Semester 2009
LANGTCHG 301 – Intro to TEFL Curriculum (Huh, TEFL? Can we teach English in Timbuktu now?)
LINGUIST 307 – The English Language Worldwide (Pft, wth?)
EDUC 348 – The Reading Process (Err…) + 1 tutorial session
LANGTCHG 302 – Practical Language Teaching (Double err…)

How come we have so many subjects in the second semester? That doesn’t include our school experience yet. Why is this happening? *sigh*