A Wet New Year and A Musing

The new year premiered with accompanying rain and freezing cold temperature the whole day. Just when I thought the rainy season is finally gone, today’s continuous rain made me think otherwise. It felt so nice to sleep under my favourite thick comforter, and leaving the bed was the hardest thing to do. Last year, January kicked off with glaring sun, but this year it’s the total opposite. I could barely do anything without a sweater too. You can say that my tolerance to cold weather sucks.

I didn’t do much today. Slept in, write, read, eat, write, surf, read, slept some more. Visited a number of interesting blogs today. Well, it’s hard to keep up with all the interesting blogs after disappearing from the blogging world for so long. Hope I’ll get the hang of it soon.

The rain made my brain go into what I call the ‘brood-and-muse’ mode. It was on a whim that I wrote the latest entry in Stylish Geeks: Anticipating Malaysian Virtual Scenario in 2008. All that I wrote there was based on my observation and my own experience, coupled with my hopes. There’s one thing I forgot to mention in the entry – local-based online advertising. Last month, I wrote about ‘junk ads’ flooding Cari.com.my and some other sites. I hope 2008 will get people to be more mature. No one is going to believe ads like ‘Fire your own boss’ or ‘Make $10,000/mo without working’. Those ads are absolute eyesores. Like some Japanese people said, ‘there’s no such thing as free lunch‘. We only gain what we deserve.

Malaysian sites developers, especially the Cari.com.my team should monitor the ads being put up in their classifieds directory. I’d say more than 50% of the ads are not at all relevant to category listings.

Also, I’d love to see how local advertisers like Nuffnang, Nufflets, GrabMyAds and Advertlets compete in the growing virtual community and online advertising network. It’s not surprising if more similar companies announce their presence in the near future.

One more thing… I’d like to welcome Adi to the Caramel Toffee family. Hope we can be friends 🙂 His new blog is not ready yet, but later on, you can always have a look at http://adi.carameltoffee.net.


2007 Round-Up, 2008 Resolutions

I can hardly believe that in a few hours, I’ll be leaving 2007 behind. Basically, this also means that I’ve almost used up my 3-month-holiday not doing pretty much anything. Okay, not true, I moved around a lot. I shopped a lot too. But that’s that. My sources of income this holiday are limited to only my part-time designing projects and my t-shirt projects. That aside, 2007 is a memorable year for me. Why?

  1. My 1st year as a University of Auckland student
  2. I finally hit the big 2. I turned 20 in September, 2007.
  3. My niece and nephew now like to play with the less sociable (with kids only) me
  4. My English is improving
  5. I passed all exams and assignments
  6. 2 weeks of School-based Experience in SMK Bandar Tasik Selatan
  7. Funny how I struggled for proper, advanced Malay words during my Malaysian Studies (Ethics)  assignment presentation.  That’s how badly we’ve been pressured to communicate in English- so badly that we stutter in Malay. I wonder where all my public speaking wits went off to.
  8. I actually freaked out and almost hyperventilated right after doing each exam paper (last finals).
  9. A few *ahem* guys expressed their interests in me. But I declined them. I’m simply not ready to open up a place in my heart for anyone. Study (and blogging, ha!) comes first.
  10. I finally have my own cards to be used for online shopping! Public Bank Visa Electron and Tune Card are great!
  11. My domains stylishgeeks.net, geekdom.info, junjou.info and carameltoffee.net were registered – in that exact order. I’m really happy with the names.
  12. I made a total of US $2,586 in online activities. Small sum, but I’m happy!
  13. I lost 7 kg in 2 months with simply eating less and counting calories!

That’s for 2007. My hopes for 2008 are:

  1. Focus more on my studies. Get the desired A’s and first class degree.
  2. Find semester jobs. At least one is enough. NZ $465 is a small sum to live by. Not fair how $800 went to the accommodation only. Not counting mobile and internet bills yet. Aargh!
  3. Make more money online. Write more, play less.
  4. Update Geekdom.info as often as possible with everything learnt in a day.
  5. Update Stylish Geeks, Junjou and Caramel Toffee once a day or once every two or three days.
  6. Increase creativity.
  7. Increase blog readership.
  8. Write more useful and meaningful content.
  9. Submit quality assignments.
  10. Lose some more weight.
  11. Make lots of new blogger friends.

I hope to be able to realise all that in 2008, especially the ‘making lots of blogger friends’ part. It’s kind of lonely on my own in this big space, you know… That, and HAPPY NEW YEAR, darlingtons!

Imported Posts From Vox

I signed up at Blog Backup Online last night to backup my Vox entries so I can import it into this site. However, when I imported the XML file, only 10 entries show. The other 39 were only titles with date and time posted. What happened to those entries? I deleted the ‘title only’ posts and now I only have entries from December 2006. Well, I hope I can fix this soon.

Of License, Banking & Shopping

Lots of things happened today – both good and bad, but not really bad. I’m trying to get back to the way I write blogs in the good old days – by sections. My friends once told me they like that style of mine, so I’m trying to start it again.

The Trouble With Renewing Driving License
My driving license expired on December 27, so I thought it would be good to go and renew it today. Papa suggested I renew it for two years to make things easier, and I chose to follow his plan. The three of us (Papa, Mama and yours truly) headed for JPJ HQ to renew my license, but unfortunately, the counters won’t be open until 2.45pm (it was 12.25pm when we arrived). Break from 12.25pm to 2.45pm? That’s quite long a period. I was like ‘what the heck’ and we decided to go somewhere else first before coming back to the HQ. Just outside the building, we met my driving instructor. He said that even if we wait, I wouldn’t be able to renew my license anyway. The server is temporarily down, and whatever devices the have in the building were currently out of service. %*##$#*@?? I was fortunate, though, my instructor offered to renew my license because he’ll be coming back to the HQ a few more times this week. I’ll just have to go and collect my license from him when it’s done. Thank God! That’s one problem down.

The Trouble With Registering For Public Bank Online Banking
Unlike other cards (at other banks), registering for PB Online Banking required me going to the customer service representative, filling out a registration form, and waiting for a loooong time. No, it didn’t take more than 5 minutes to get the ID and password to access their online banking facilities. It’s just that more people keep coming to the CS table even though it’s occupied (by me!), and the rep finished theirs first because theirs were more complicated and involved a lot more pen-slashing and signing. Um, next time, how about doing the fastest and easiest and definitely less complicated first? Move from basic to complicated, you know, like David Ausubel’s receptive learning theory… I wasted more than 40 minutes when it shouldn’t be more than 10 minutes, 15 minutes maximum if you count the time I spent reading the terms of use and filling out the simple form. And the ID and password can only be used after 24 hours. Great, more waiting.

Shopping at KB Mall

My New Jacket!

Alas, the best event of my day. Spent around RM350 for a Voir/VJ Jeans jacket with faux fur neckline, a knee-length Institute skirt, a cute yellow Institute long-sleeved t-shirt, and a white Nicole blouse with black vertical stripes. Cheap huh? Of course, the Institute skirt and t-shirt went on an 80% discount and the Nicole blouse got 50% discount. Only 10% discount on the jacket, though, because it’s one of the ‘New Arrival’ items… Click the images for full view.

Shopped Institute Skirt

Nicole Blouse Institute T-Shirt

PB Card PIN and Stuff…

Well, my connection kind of went down for a few minutes today. I wonder if Streamyx is really still kicking as it claimed to. Even better (note the sarcasm, dearest), this whole site went down for about 5 minutes. If more, I would have demanded for a partial refund of my hosting payment.

It feels great to have a personal blog where I can rant about anything I want – again. I used to give up writing many times in the past, but now I should put that habit behind me. Writing is extremely crucial to me now, and extremely beneficial to my course of study. Although some may look down at the fact that what I’ learning is not ‘critical’, I do take my studies seriously. How am I ever going to become a good English teacher if I don’t even know how to write properly?

But I’m not using Caramel Toffee to write about my academic life. This is my life in general. For everything else, there are other blogs I’m currently maintaining.

Anways, I finally got my PB Card PIN number today.It’s kind of odd, really, because Saturday is supposed to be public holiday. I never knew post offices in Kelantan open during weekends too. But I’m happy, all in good time. I can finally register for online banking, and do some serious withdrawal from my PayPal account (I think I’m going to empty it, for precaution). Since the first day of getting this card, I’ve been doing some online shopping extensively. Bye bye Papa’s credit card. Hello my own card! And hello to no-hidden-charge online spending too. I can now close the PayPal account I verified using Papa’s credit card years ago.

p.s/ Are you looking for a host to host your blog or small site? Check out my free hosting page. It’s lonely being alone on a big space.

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