[Cooking Mama] – Just as addictive on Wii

I really need to buy the Cooking Mama kit. I’d damage my Wiimote for sure if I don’t. I tried it out because the DS version was addictive. Well, whatever version, it’s just as addictive. I can’t wait for Gardenning Mama to come out next year! Hope it’s going to be just as cool.

The Wii version features cusines from around the globe, so I was half expecting Nasi Lemak (Coconut milk rice, is it?) to also be on the list. Nah, I don’t think it’s going to be there, though.

[Tales of Hearts] – Chasing Byrocks and Calcedney

Current Location: Shehera Desert
Destination: Bransel
Next Spirune: Dream (Yellow)

I’ve been wasting time walking in circles at the sewer under the castle, right after Marin lost consciousness and Byrocks knocked Calcedney unconscious to escape the royal guards. Geez, Marin, wake the hell up already. It’s interesting though, that Calcedney could be affected by Kohak’s ‘Rage’ and ‘Dream’ Spirune at once. His heart is either that weak, or it’s owner is too smug. Doesn’t surprise me why Hiroshi Kamiya as his seiyuu rocks. He’s just like Gundam 00’s Tieria, too confident. When things come crashing down, they break.

It’s easy to get past the sewer. Use the Sorcerer Ring on the floating water clog thingie. Once we’ve escaped the sewer, Shing explained to Kohak why he was hesitant in returning her Spirune of Rage/Anger (whatever. What’s the proper English for Ikari?). Shing still blamed himself for the Despir Disease and Kohak’s runaway Spirunes. Kunzite, hearing this, attacked Shing on the spot. Urgh, Soma Knight sounds so lame, Kunzite. It was an easy battle, of course. Though I’ve levelled everyone up to level 38, villain!Kunzite was at level 24 (wow, look at the time I wasted levelling up!).

Turned out the runaway Spirunes thingie wasn’t Shing’s fault. It was Kohak and Lithia’s all along. Hisui is getting tired of hearing about Lithia, because no one but Kohak had ever seen her. Shing saw her once in Kohak’s Spirmaze, so he knew that she exists.

Kunzite listened to reason, and now he’s back in the party. Time to chase after Calcedney and Byrocks to retrieve Kohak’s Spirune of Dream. Byrocks has been acting too gay, what’s with his ‘Cal-sama! Your sadness is my sadness! I shall give my life to blablablabla…’. Dramatic subordinate is dramatic.

Byrocks ran all the way north to Bransel, and we’ll have to go through Shehera Desert. Beryl is currently convinced we have 99% chance of dying in action. Kunzite just makes it worse. According to his calculation, the chance would be 99.9%. What are you now, Tenipuri’s Inui??

Okay, I’ll go through the desert now. New monsters, get into my monster inventory! I guess I’ll go waste some more time levelling up to level 50 (if have the patience) or 45 (if I’m too impatient).

Life, Blogs and Blogging

– 25.09.08: St.Heliers School, Auckland, New Zealand –

I haven’t been blogging seriously in this blog for a while, and I haven’t been in touch with my hostees and my friends on Friendster, Skype, etc. I haven’t login to YM for God knows how long. The only place I’ve been updating regularly was my Livejournal (LJ). My most personal matters are always updated only on my LJ that I’ve been keeping since 2003. I’m sorry, Adi, for not even realising that you’ve left your last entry in yours, and that I failed to notice your e-mail. My inbox gets more than 100 e-mails everyday, and sometimes they get into my junk mail folders. I hope you’ll be successful in whatever project you have next, and may we cross path again as bloggers, I hope.

It’s not that I’ve lost interest in blogging; it’s just that I’m starting to be annoyed by the many definitions of ‘blog’ and ‘blogging’ that seem to jump out of nowhere.

Blogs used to be really interesting once upon a time when not many people keep chronological logs online. In 2001/2002, domain owners have close ties through meaningful journal entries. By meaningful, I meant entries that have the power to leave an impact – something like an imprint to one’s memory, not just something that you read today and forgets tomorrow.

I may be what people call old-fashioned or uncool or not-happening, but I definitely cannot stand blogs that don’t give a damn (pardon my language) about pt sounctuations and word structures. Not to say that your grammar should be perfect (mine is far from perfect that I shudder when I think about it), but I’ve always thought that one of the points of writing is to improve in your writing skills. If blogs are kept in TXT/SMS language, what’s the point? Also, is it so hard to start the first word in a sentence with a capital letter (for some people)? I really, really don’t understand.

I’ll try to get familiar with blogging seriously about personal matters again after my finals and during my summer holidays. I’m also working on a few WordPress plugins and wordpress themes which I hope to share sometime in December.

I’d better pen off now before I start rambling and ranting randomly all over again.

Farewell Dinner for Cohort 3

We organised a small Farewell Dinner for our seniors last night. It was full of fun. Our theme was blue, hence the overwhelming shades of blue you can probably see from the picture. John, Sheryll and Jackie are also in the picture. I was genuinely (but pleasantly) surprised at Sheryll’s attire. She’s wearing a light blue kebaya, which looks cool on her.

Gift exchange, dance performances, singing, just lounging around chatting with each other – we had so much fun last night. Everybody let go of all troubles and just enjoyed the food as well as each other’s companies. I missed the seniors’ performances, though, since I was washing plates at the back when we realised we were actually running out of plates. I guess it was because they kept throwing the plates and then taking new ones for desserts and snacks.

Angie’s Kitchen was our caterer. They serve halal Malaysian food, and last night’s food was their super delicious Chicken Curry Kapitan. The boys made wonderful-looking fruit salads too; watermelons (the most expensive fruit we found in Auckland, $24/kg), strawberries, grapes, kiwis, pineapples and bananas.

Halfway through the event, I realised that I haven’t yet finished the portfolio Sheryll wanted us to submit before Friday, 4pm. By the time the party ended, I went home really tired and ended up sleeping longer than I should.

p.s/ One of my ex-friends REALLY pissed me off. Since I know he’s stalking my blog, I’ll just leave this here in case he decides to contact me. If you’re not Yukihito and you happen to understand it, pardon my harsh words. I meant the message below for only one person.

裏切り者 の 幸仁 へ,

何だよ?!ウザイな、お前。何度も説明したんでも、まだこの私を電話するか?あの日から、お前の事、 全て 忘れたんだ! 全部終わったんだ!お前と もう関係ない だから もう電話するな!


友達?私達が?冗談でしょ?何時から?何の話だ?お前が私を裏切られたでしょ? 何も知らないお前は、この私の友達じゃないんだ。

お前が大嫌い! ):< それは本当の事だ。

Never Cease to Amaze Me, Huh?

I don´t know whether or not I should feel… elated that a certain housemate that I see no need to mention her name (since we´re most definitely NOT friends, just acquaintances with brief and forced encounters) actually READ my blog. Oh wait, maybe one of her friends did, but I didn´t even say her name O_o

She happened to read the part where I was raving about how she pissed me off just by breathing the same air, and did I mention that she freaking SNORES every night,so loudly too. I don´t usually talk bad about people unless they really do annoy the hell out of me.

What´s even funnier is that she confronted my other friend about it, who was all ¨Huh?¨ when confronted. Why, woman, why? Why couldn´t you just gather up your courage to confront me personally? I live just next door, for God´s sake.

Or maybe you´re scared of me? Not that I care. Glad that I won´t be staying in the same apartment with her after November 18th. I´ll be going home (I miss you, Malaysia!) for summer until February 7, 2009. When I return to Auckland, I guess I´ll technically be living in a hotel fully serviced apartment for the whole 2009 academic year.

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