On Australian Open Men’s Singles Final 2009

ozfinal09A great game, yes, but it still made me cry. It was like having your heart broken by your secret unrequited love.

So… Nadal-Federer faceoff ended with Nadal winning 7-5, 3-6, 7-6, 3-6, 6-2. Match sumary: Nadal’s 173 to Federer’s 174.

I was stuck to the screen from 4pm up until 9.30pm, taking small breaks for Asar and Maghrib prayers. My mother came to feed me with two slices of her yummy homemade banana cake and a glass of Apple+Aloe vera yoghurt drink. And that’s that.

I was practically screaming myself hoarse at the poor screen. Rafa and Roger were so damn cool, dragging the game to the seventh round even in the first set. It frustrates me whenever Roger’s hits went flying off the court for screams of ‘OUT’ from the keepers. Uh, and the net. The net!

I’m not making any sense, I know. The tiebreaker in the third set was awfully short, but it sent me to the edge of my seat all the same. At the fourth set, I was already on the verge of crying. Both of them were trying so hard it’s just too cute.

When Roger lost, my heart felt heavy but I didn’t cry until they zoomed in on his red eyes. Ergh, I’m such a fangirl, like, seriously. What it is about tennis that makes me yell at the TV like diehard usually male fans would during football matches, I have no idea. Watching the lime green ball flying back and forth is more interesting that watching black and white ball being kicked around the field for me. And I used to play tennis, so yeah.

Congratulation to Rafa on his win! You’re so young, I bet you’re still going to be around when Roger leaves the court. Work a bit on your English pronunciation and you’ll be as cute as you look when you speak XD

I haven’t gotten enough. I wished the game had broken the epic 5-hour-plus semi-final.

And Roger, you’ll come back up later, I believe. You still have a long way to go. Still three more grand slams this year!

p.s/ So I bet Pete Sampras was disappointed too.

Australian Open Final & My Wish

I still glare at the radio when they announce the results for tennis tournaments. I don’t hate Rafa, of course not. He’s got style, he’s got strength – and yes, he is worthy of the title.

But I’ve been a loyal supporter of Roger ever since he debuted in the professional world. Keeping clips, news and magazine articles – because he’s always so polite and delivers meaningful, inspiring speech unlike Roddick who was a total snob. It’s hard on us fans when people keep saying how Roger has been ‘dethroned’ over and over again.

This article brings a small hope, and I hope it will come true; that the no.1 title will be back in Roger’s hands again. Just because he sucks in French Open all the time (sorry) doesn’t mean he can’t shine back on.

Uh. I’m such a fangirl.

p.s/ Rafa’s hardcore fans, no bashing my post, pretty please. I like the guy, I just couldn’t accept him as the title holder just yet. At least not until it is obvious that Roger’s career is showing a sharp descent.

Federer Beat Sampras 7-6, 7-6 in Exhibition Match in Malaysia

Federer vs Sampras Exhb Match in Malaysia

 Clips: Federer vs Sampras Exhb Match in Malaysia

I watched the whole coverage of the exhibition match earlier tonight (Clashes of Time), and I have to say I am very impressed. It may be just an exhibition match, but it was wonderful. I did not expect the match to be an easy one for either parties. It seemed like before the match started, many thought that Roger was going to win easy over Pete. I’m glad I never agreed on the opinion.I love you Roger~ You rock!
And you too, Sampras 😉