I Have a Dream – A ‘Might-be-Impossible’ Big Dream.

Short term dream? –> Finish my master’s, continue to get a phD and run a rewarding small business to fund my studies (and perhaps to afford early settlement of existing loans).

I’m currently enrolled in the 3rd semester of my MA. Ling course and I’m still pretty much in need of money for the tuition fees. When I first started back in January, I thought money would not be such a big issue. However, after paying over RM3.5k in January and realising that I just enrolled in a programme running on a three-semester academic calendar year, I started to panic. With my present financial commitment, I didn’t think I would be able to continue paying for the tuition fees. Add to the fact that my husband is also enrolling in the same programme soon, that’s roughly RM7k per semester per household.

I was overwhelmed. Back then, my Bachelor programme was fully funded by the MOE. Everything was well taken care of and I’m eternally grateful for the scholarship. My parents offered to help BUT I think I’ve burdened them enough over the years. PTPTN is off limits since I don’t want more debts under my name. So, I decided to turn to the only other option that I thought might just work. It’s the only option I’ve never considered before enrolling.


I started small. On March 2014, I launched a Facebook Page for my first few range of custom hijab, ‘Paperkisses by Adlina’. I chose the word ‘paperkisses’ originally because it relates to writing ( I love love LOVE writing!) and I also want to let the name live on. I previously messed up ‘Paperkiss’ under Project Catharsis. This time around, I don’t want to mess up anymore.  Before anything, I designed my own simplistic logo to give my business a unique identity.


I owe it to my friends, Farah and Alif for being so inspiring and supportive. Since July, we’ve been collaborating/sharing booths, exchanging info etc. Only Allah can repay their kindness and hospitality. Later, with my lovely Mother in Law’s support, Paperkisses Studio was registered in September (Reg. Num: 002358838-A).

Our next venture? Probably this.

Wish me luck.


Never thought I’d be doing this. My weekdays look mostly like this:

7.00am – 4.00pm: Work (Official duty)
4.30pm-5.00pm: Sorting out orders for deliveries
5.00pm – 11.30pm : Rest, house chores, university assignments, lesson planning, accepting orders/updating FB or Instagram, online private tutoring, etc
12.00am : Zzzz

* Private eye-to-eye tutoring mainly on Friday/Saturday based on availability.
* Online private tutoring available on weekdays and weekends (English and Japanese).

© 2014, Adlina. All rights reserved. Please link back to this page if quoted.


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