Oekaki Shi Painter Plugin Version 1.2 for WordPress (For WP 2.6 up until WP 2.8.1)


Painted with the plugin

1. Plugin Info

Original Author: Yakumo

Applet by: Shi-chan

Additional colour pallete by: Wonder Cat Studios (of the good ‘ol BBSNote and PictureBBS)

It’s really not true when I thought there’s no effort to make Oekaki readily accessible for us WordPress users. This wonderful Shi Painter Plugin for WordPress is made by Yakumo-san with the original Shi-chan’s Shi Painter applet. This plugin is made and tested with the Japanese version of WordPress 2.6, but I tested this with WordPress 2.8 and then 2.8.1. It works purrrfectly.

Additionally, you can download and install Dynamic Pallete by Wonder Cat Studios (download DynPallete.lzh HERE), so long as your computer has the capability to extract files in UTF-8 mode, you’ll be fine. I don’t recommend using WinZip or WinRar. Get either Zipeg or 7zip to get the job done.

2. Installing the Plugin

You can download the plugin, the applet and the pallete separately or click the link provided below for the plugin. The .zip file contains the plugin and the applet.

Shi Painter Plugin Version 1.2 by Yakumo (912) - 270.72 kB

If you want the extra colour pallete, visi WCS by clicking on the link provided in the plugin info and unzip pallete.js in the same directory as the SP plugin. Please do leave a comment if it works or if it doesn’t work for you.

For WordPress 2.7 and above, install the plugin by using the plugin installer and activate it. Now, continue with configuration and using the plugin.

3. Setup and using the plugin

a. First, go to Settings >> Oekaki Shi-Painter to configure your Oekaki Shi-Painter

b. Choose your interface: Simple or Pro (I like it Pro, so I chose Pro here)

c. Save Changes


d. Now go and add a new post. Click on Add Image and you should see ‘Oekaki Shi-Painter’ in one of the many options~


e. Set the canvas Size and title, and then click Exec Paint. Draw away~


f. Hit upload when you’re done, as per usual on all other oekaki boards. You’ll be transported to the Media Library where you should be able to see your newly painted picture.



g. Insert into post and DONE. Go have some fun and draw some more 🙂

© 2009, Adlina. All rights reserved. Please link back to this page if quoted.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi there,

    I've tried to download this but it seems as though it does not exist and I have been looking for a very long time for this.
    Is there anywhere I can get hold of this. Much appreciated.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, about this, i've managed to find this however, the image does not upload to my media library. I'm using wordpress version 2.8.4. I have all the shipainter files in my wp-shipainter folder. Is there something I am missing? Everything else works fine but when I submit the files, it just does not upload to the library. This would be great if i can get it working. Thank you ^_^

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