Six Months Left Before Goodbye, One Until The Last Term

Myself (left), Atie and Kelsey @ Hulu Cat Tea House, Auckland, New Zealand (170609).

I have revamped the entire blog, minus the jumbled up tags, as a silent promise to make this blog more active from now onward. Yes, yes, I say that all the time, but I really hope I’m able to keep it. Why is it so hard to spend at least 10 minutes per day to write a journal entry that I can go back to in the future? I really need to work on my poor time management skills and my ability to write more serious stuff – fandom doesn’t count.

I’ve finished practicum in New Zealand last Friday. While I’m glad to not have to commute from Auckland City to Avondale College, I do feel a pang of sadness. Just a tiny wee bit. It’s not because I miss the school or the students; it’s just that it is a reminder that I now have less than a year and a half to graduate. It’s a reminder that this is my last year in the university, doing headache-inducing third stage courses, preparing for another year of training back in Malaysia. Mmhmm. It makes me nervous. So, so nervous.

Putting that aside, Mira and I left the cocoon of our warm house (not that warm, but warmer than the pre-winter chill outside, at the very least) to join Atie, Felicia, Wira, Dyau, Hijrah, Danial and Kelsey at Hulu Cat. Kelsey and Dan are here for he term break, over from Brisbane. Once there, I had a sudden craving for kare- ramen. The closest thing they have there is kare-udon (seafood, of course), so I settled on that. Yummy. The worst part, though, was the Caramel Latte. For $6, it sucked big time. It tasted exactly like Nescafe Freeze. I’ll never ever order that drink again.

Alright, that’s it for now. I have to catch the Link Bus to Chocolate Boutique, with Mira and Atie, as well as a few others. Ciao.

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  1. Felicia~ says:

    bear bear (aka cat cat) tu banyak dipeluk oleh humans, animals, and all sort of living things for many centuries… kakakakaka…. *dodging away from intan’s deadly stare*

  2. atie says:

    sooo syukee d pic.. very sweet. btw, aku sgt suke bc blog ko. hehe… bl lah aku nk tulis seserius ko ni…*sigh*

    • Adlina says:

      Aku juge suke gileeeee gambar nih. Huhu. Mak aku pon suke. Die kate nampak hepi sume org, die pun senang hati 🙂

      Huh, ske bace blog aku? Mekaceh2, walaupun blogku xla seberape ye. Aku juge suke blog ko ye. Slalu teringat kawen bile bace entry ko. Aduss.

      Bile ko nak tulis serius? Boleh je tulis serius. Ko je tak nak. Aku yg fail tulis ala2 casual 🙁 Takpe2, nanti dah keje bile ko mule kene stalk ngan student2 (aku nye student2 la slalu stalk aku), ha, mesti ko kontrol abes. Huhuhuhu.

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