Almost A Week’s Worth of Updates

I should seriously start keeping all my lecture notes together before I forget. I’ve been making lots of extra notes, plus some extra readings for leisure (switching back and forth between fanfictions and academic resources, ha!)

Shakespeare’s Tempest & Men in Tights: Pardon the lame title, but to this day, I am still amused when I see men wearing tights. I went to see the play ‘The Tempest’ last Sunday night (the 8th of March) with a bunch of friends (namely Mira and Atie). The guy who played Ariel was so adorable, though he’s too thin to be called handsome. During then interval, Mira and I ran back to our apartment to get a warmer sweater. The weather was trying to mimick the play we were watching. Since the event was held outdoor, you can probably imagine the wind that night. You can see some shots from the play below. Sorry for the poor quality. They were only taken with my slim cybershot.

[slideshow id=3]

Dress Smart & Shopping: I went shopping at Dress Smart for two weeks in a row (Thursdays). Must be a record. I just couldn’t resist all the great deals. I mean, where the hell can you get David Lawrence items for $10? The original price was $199.90, so getting it at $10 is like a bloody bargain. I got a new pair of Nike shoes for only $45 (kid’s size. Haha~), and some other items for an average of $15 per item. That’s enough supply of clothings for this year, I guess. I don’t have to worry about clothes anymore… unless winter bites REALLY badly.

Classes: I totally forgot to update about my choice of electives. I ditched Mathematics for Education (EDUC 316 – Gifted Education) and Language Teaching (LANGTCHG 310 – Literature and Language Teaching).  I’m with Atie, Hirah and a few more of my friends in 310, and with Mira, Atie and a few more in 316. I’m enjoying both classes so far. I guess I have to praise myself a little bit for daring to take Stage III papers for both electives. Go, self! You can do it. I guess the main reason I chose stage 3 papers is because stage 3 papers count towards my honours. I need to get at least B on ALL stage 3 papers to qualify for honours. Urgh. Need. To. Study. Smarter. And. Harder.

Projects: All projects are still on hold. I know. I’m darn lazy. If anyone needs to contact me, please do not bother leaving messages on my chat box. Please e-mail me directly, thanks.

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  1. Atie says:


    hw come i dont knw about d stage 3 papers n d honours thingy??? hahaha… luckily i follow u lah yang oiii… haha seriously have to study haaardeerrrrrr…. become smaaaarrrrteeeerrrrr… n catch up faaaassstteeeerrrr…. I m with u. Go, self!!!!

    but, hw d ya knw bout the honours thing??? tell me tell me…

    Atie’s last blog post..To whom it may concern…

    • Adlina says:

      Sheryll kind of told me about it last year during our interview. I was like, ooooooohhh snap O_o

      Yes2, GO SELF! And go we (because if I say ‘go us’ it sounds like we’re cheering for united states. meh…)

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