A Whiff of Cool Breeze After the Storm

newctprevI used to always divide different main points into parts, so I guess I should try doing it again – for old time’s sake.

New Server: The post title is me making a silly attempt to sound a teeny wee bit poetic, because the rain finally stopped. I couldn’t feel my toes two nights ago while I was slaving away in front of my laptop, moving all files from Tektonic to Media Temple.*points to the left* I’m working on Caramel Toffee’s new layout! I hope I’ll be able to get it down soon. It’s been a long time since I last used layouts designed by myself for my blogs. I keep telling myself to make some, but I always end up being too lazy to start designing, much less coding. This layout will be hopefully be fluid, and XHTML/CSS valid though I’m afraif I fail at 1.1 strict, so it’s going to be transitional instead XD.

I don’t know why people seem to talk shit about Media Temple, though my readings kind of told me that (mt) is slow. Well, I guess I don’t mind much about speed. I’m not running high traffic sites like most of you probably do. It’s still fast for me. I guess if sites like ABC and Tech Crunch trust them, surely they couldn’t be that bad. I just love how they’re using Nginx like WordPress. No wonder it’s fast to load to Account Control centre.

Stubborn, Stupid Cashier: I went for grocery shopping with Mama this evening. There’s this cashier who obviously DID a serious mistake, but had the guts to say “It’s not my fault” to us. She mistakenly combined our totals with the totals of the customer who was ahead of us. We asked her to cancel the scan, and rescan everything, but she totally refused, saying that she couldn’t open the cash machine before confirming to totals. She even dared to say it’s not her fault. It obviously WAS her fault, because she shouldn’t have randomly grabbed our stuff when she hadn’t finished with the previous customer’s bill. In the end, the other customer gave us her money, and we paid with our combined funds. The bloody idiot of a cashier had the nerve to look smug and angry. I guess she doesn’t know the term “Customers are always right” in the business world.

Podcasting: My students requested I do podcasts – podcasts for learning Malay for English and/or Japanese speakers. That’s a rather nice idea, and I love them for suggesting it. When the site redesign is done, I’ll probably be able to add another section to Caramel Toffee called Randomcast or something. I’ll have the chance to work on my spoken English, so it’s all good. It’s about time I stop feeling embarassed if people hear my voice XD

Wow, presenting in parts like this makes my blog entry look really neat! I guess I’ll be sticking to it most of the time.

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  1. nurul ain says:

    cian u kena cashier camtu. tu one of the reasons i malas nk balik msia.. service kureng ah. bukan xde yg baik, tp yg buruknye lagi byk. lain betul prinsip keje dari orang kat sini. here, pape pun, pekerja kena bg service tbaik.

    there was one time i gi warehouse (nk bciter la plak, haha), i found a great netgear usb wireless adapter for 60 NZD. now, the price was on the shelf, not on the product. anyways, dh sampai cashier, die scan and said it was 100 NZD. so i calmly explained to him that no, the shelf where i found it said it was 60 NZD. so he said ok, if i could wait a bit, he’ll check. so he went over to the shelf where the same model usbs were stacked, and it turned out, all of them had been stacked at the wrong place, above the wrong price tag. and so he said sorry for the misunderstanding, there was some communication with his boss, and then he sold it to me for the thought-price 60NZD. how cool is that? ni kat warehouse ni, haha.

    • Adlina says:

      Huhu, tu lah pasal. Cashier perasan terer, degil pulak tu.

      Wah la.. Dapat $60! Ain jimat $40 tu! Bagus betul Warehouse. Tesco beza RM5 pun tak kasi. Hish2.

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