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Isn’t Double Chicken Prosperity just awesome? Yum~

Part 1: It’s been a while since I last went shopping. The rain kept me at home for weeks. I went to KB Mall with my parents this evening, thinking that there wouldn’t be so many people. We were wrong. Even finding a parking space is a trying affair. How could it slipped off my mind that Chinese New Year is approaching? Hmm… I bought 3 jeans and 2 tops for a good deal. I so love discounts :3 That’s RM235 down. And then we went to McDonalds.

Part 2: My craving for Double Chicken Prosperity has been satiated! I don’t mind coughing out RM14 for the awesome thing at all! And before you complain anything about boycotting or whatever, please do refer to this entry that I wrote a couple of days ago. While I was waiting for my order (DCP and two fillet-o-fish for my parents), the staff kindly asked me to wait for my meal on the left side of the counter. A dumb bitch standing behind me suddenly went “Hey, cutting line aa?”. I bit my lips from calling her ‘blind and stupid’ and simply said “Excuse me, I’m waiting for my meal that I’ve already paid for” in heavy British English accent. My orders arrived just after I said that. I took my tray, glared at her for a few seconds and enjoyed seeing her flustered self. Serves that bitch right.

Part 3: After a month of thinking of buying a new external HDD, I finally succumbed to a 320GB Hitachi, which cost me a mere RM268. Maybe it’s a lot cheaper in KL, I don’t know. This is the cheapest for 320GB that I could find in Kelantan. The same hdd sells for a whooping $310 in New Zealand. Technically, I’ve saved a lot (lol, I remember buying the old 80GB WD for more than RM200. Moore’s law is totally correct after all, except 80GB is still selling at over RM100.

Part 4: I actually wanted to print some photos, but guess what? I couldn’t find a print shop in KB Mall. I was sure I saw one last time I went, so I was very confused when I saw none. I guess I’ll just go the usual print shop at Tesco.

Stuff: One a different matter altogether, I’m kind of done with MySQL. My Garden of Lies project is going to use XHTML + CSS layout with either Greymatter of CuteNews – OLD SCHOOL STYLE, YEAH! It’s been too long since I last used any of them and I thought “Wth, it’s going to save me from all those SQL calls”. I’ll just take care to keep hackers out.

p.s/ I still want a Nintendo DSi!

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  1. Adila says:

    cuti ek?
    heavy british accent? hehe sure malu giler kot minah tu haha
    my english bunyi mlayu giler kot even though try nak british-kan it lol

    british accent sgt best kan?
    i love listening to my friends talking yg mmg accent camtu hehe

    msia is always one of the cheapest place to buy any gadgets, laptop, hdd etc haha
    plus.. ape2 yg tak kena senang nak mintak refund kan?

    i sgt teringin nak mkn McD!!!
    tp!!! stakat boleh makan fillet o fish je baik xpayah hahahaha
    mau daging!!! lol

    • Adlina says:

      Ehehehe… I have this weird ability of changing accents at will. Probably my relatives yg mmg menetap kat sana kot. Diorang kalo ckp mmg berabuk. Sama gak ngan bahasa2 lain. Padan muke minah tu. Die nak sgt speaking2, ambik ko sebijik speaking london 😛

      Huhu.. Betul, fillet-o-fish je la yg slalu leh mkn. Kat Auckland ade la bbrp cawangan McD dan KFC yang halal, tp xde la larat nak naik bas lama2 sebab nak gi makan je. Huhu.

      p.s/ British accent mmg hensem! Suke dengat lecturer ckp. Sendiri mau cakap nnti org kate eksyen pula.

      • Adila says:

        @Adlina, omg ade yg halal!
        i meleleh air liur je tgk kfc hahaha
        dah la diorang xde mashed potato! kecewa!!! baked bean tak best!! haha

        i tiap kali balik msia sure serang kfc sampai nak muntah tgk pak cik beruban tu hihi

        betul3!! dgr lecturer ckp je pun dah tergoda hahahahaha

        minah tu sure prasan bagos haha
        amik kau! padan mker dia

        Adila’s last blog post..2009 Anime!

        • Adlina says:

          Yes, they do have halal ones. Kat sini ramai giler orang Pakistan, Fiji, Arab, dan lain2 lagi lah yang Muslim. Tak susah nak cari daging halal ^^

          Uh, KFC yg takde mashed potato adalah sgt menyedihkan. Hhuhuhu~

  2. Joyce says:

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

    • Adlina says:

      Lol, nope not yet. I’ll be back on the 8th, flight on the 7th from Brunei. Lol, can you actually wait that long? XD

      p.s/ Yes, the burger is super gorgeous~

    • Adlina says:

      But that 1.5TB one is 3.5 inch, right? I move around a lot, so I can only afford to buy 2.5 ones. Plus, I’ll be needing an extra socket to plug the power to. I saw 500 and 750GB portable, already I was like ‘whoa, for 2.5!’, but then I don’t have enough money. *sigh*

      p.s/ lol cockney accent birdey XD

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