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– 25.09.08: St.Heliers School, Auckland, New Zealand –

I haven’t been blogging seriously in this blog for a while, and I haven’t been in touch with my hostees and my friends on Friendster, Skype, etc. I haven’t login to YM for God knows how long. The only place I’ve been updating regularly was my Livejournal (LJ). My most personal matters are always updated only on my LJ that I’ve been keeping since 2003. I’m sorry, Adi, for not even realising that you’ve left your last entry in yours, and that I failed to notice your e-mail. My inbox gets more than 100 e-mails everyday, and sometimes they get into my junk mail folders. I hope you’ll be successful in whatever project you have next, and may we cross path again as bloggers, I hope.

It’s not that I’ve lost interest in blogging; it’s just that I’m starting to be annoyed by the many definitions of ‘blog’ and ‘blogging’ that seem to jump out of nowhere.

Blogs used to be really interesting once upon a time when not many people keep chronological logs online. In 2001/2002, domain owners have close ties through meaningful journal entries. By meaningful, I meant entries that have the power to leave an impact – something like an imprint to one’s memory, not just something that you read today and forgets tomorrow.

I may be what people call old-fashioned or uncool or not-happening, but I definitely cannot stand blogs that don’t give a damn (pardon my language) about pt sounctuations and word structures. Not to say that your grammar should be perfect (mine is far from perfect that I shudder when I think about it), but I’ve always thought that one of the points of writing is to improve in your writing skills. If blogs are kept in TXT/SMS language, what’s the point? Also, is it so hard to start the first word in a sentence with a capital letter (for some people)? I really, really don’t understand.

I’ll try to get familiar with blogging seriously about personal matters again after my finals and during my summer holidays. I’m also working on a few WordPress plugins and wordpress themes which I hope to share sometime in December.

I’d better pen off now before I start rambling and ranting randomly all over again.

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