Countdown to Departure

So sad that my holiday is finally coming to an end. My days of sleeping after subuh prayer, lazying around doing nothing, shopping until my feet cannot hold, not worrying about food, etc etc… They’re all coming to an end 🙁 My flight is on the 20th, 9.15pm. Ah.. Another over 10-hour trip. At least I get to sleep on the plane.

Let’s see what have I bought during this looooong summer break:
+ Sony Vaio VGN-CR23G/W (white is so cool~ and 2.0ghz + 2gb ram is good enough for me And free VOS too, and lots of freebies)
+ Sony Cybershot DSC-T70/W (because T2 has smaller LCD, and I don’t need 4GB to take pictures! The free 1GB memory stick is more than enough for me.)
+ Philips SA3124/37 – 2gb (finally, a new mp3 player! Okay, it’s music and video player, but I only use it for mp3s)
+ Western Digital Passport (External HDD) 160gb
+ Motorola V6 Maxx (okay, I give up. V9 is still too expensive…)
+ 2 2GB PenDrive Mini
+ Lots and lots of clothes (jeans, cropped jeans, t-shirts, lounge suits, etc)
+ Lots of Nike stuff (yes, I’m a big fan~), including the cool (yet bulky) Chisel watch (I want to buy Imara Kylo or Imara Keeva.. maybe in Auckland) and 3 pair of shoes (1 free mary jane, 1 sl IV wide and 1 air force 1).
+ Elizabeth Arden Valentine Set and various L’oreal and Maybelline products (and other products too, actually. I haven’t bought cosmetics and skincare for a while…)
+ Elizabeth Arden Green Tea EDP 50ml and Salvatore Feragammo Incanto Charms EDT 100ml (couldn’t resist!!)
+ Sony headphone and Philips In-ear Turbo Bass earphone with neck strap (yay!)

There are more, but it’s impossible to list down everything.

I’m really, really BAD when it comes to spending money. For the next two months and a week, I shall live with this:

Travellers Cheque

AU$ 5850
(Nigel, I owe the pic to your creativity XD)

Signing off~

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  1. Adlina says:

    Huhu… T2 looks cute, kan? But it's not for me, because if I want to print pictures, I usually do it on a whim, so I always bring my camera wif me. Using memory sticks is better than using hdd memory. If I'm more organised (as in I know when to go and print out pics), I would have bought T2. But I'm not an organised being, so I definitely dun want to carry a transfer cable wif me along with the camera… hehehe… So no T2 for me 😛

    p.s/ Eh, I'm still in mesia. Huhuhu….

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